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Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

Jerome Porical knocks out home town club Perpignan with great display

Jerome Porical knocks out home town club Perpignan with great display

Jerome Porical inspired Stade Francais to a 25-22 victory over former team Perpignan in the first Amlin Challenge Cup Semi Final. He had a difference of opinion with captain Sergio Parisse late in the game, but he got it right and guided his team to victory.

Porical returned to the Stade Aime Giral to haunt his home town club, scoring 20 points with the boot, including two long-range penalties late in the game, and a great run that set up a nicely taken try for former Wallaby David Lyons.

In the last ten minutes, with the Parisians trailing, Porical opted to attempt a 57m penalty kick at goal, much to the astonishment of captain Sergio Parisse. The Italian captain later admitted that he didn’t quite realise what the score was.

“Jerome Porical had a really great match and every kick was important because it was so close,” said skipper Parisse. “I wasn’t sure what the score was when he told the referee he wanted to kick for goal because I knew they had scored two tries to our one.

Porical justified his decision to go for the kick as he slotted it with ease, and then a few minutes later kicked another long-range effort that bounced first off the side of the post, then hit the crossbar before going over for the win.

It was an emotional night for Porical, whose grandfather and father both played for Perpignan before he went on to make over 100 appearances for the club. He made the switch to Stade Francais at the start of this season.

“I’m very happy for him. This was a big game for him to come back to Perpignan but it could not have gone better,” said coach Stade Francais Christophe Laussucq.

“He kicked the winning points and was man of the match, even with the crowd whistling at him.”

Stade Francais will play Leinster in the Final of the Amlin Challenge Cup in Dublin on May 17th.


  • oldpug73
    11:53 PM 05/05/2013

    Welsh Hero, re: "Walsh refereed superbly.." I.e. He favoured Wales - so that's all right then! Are you old enough to have cried when a certain 'blind Irish referee' didn't favour your lot(?)

  • drg
    12:09 AM 02/05/2013

    Same day we see pitches being extended to 200yds~200m's I suppose...

  • browner
    9:19 PM 01/05/2013

    Last week my son hit the other post & the crossbar for a kick that went over, granted he was only 26m out, but this has made us smile..... On a seperate note, modern materials & more powerful kickers - when will we see a kick attempted from their own 22m line?

  • stroudos
    7:06 AM 01/05/2013

    For all his talent Parisse seems quite the whinger. Take this example - you're captain Sergio, either over-rule the bloke or shut the fuck up. Can't be helpful lining up a kick with your captain huffing an puffing behind you. Having said that, it didn't seem to put Porical off. Second point, one of the commentators here has a hideous fake laugh. Sounds like someone trying to start a shit car on a cold day.

  • pinksnotdead
    9:05 PM 30/04/2013

    Arf, come on RD. This game deserves longer highlights. Very entertaining game, very nice tries, loads of suspens, teams battling for the title that could mean they will play the HC next year, drama with Porical coming back to the "bull-pit"... What else would you ask for? I must say I am far from conviced by Porical (good kicker but O'Garesque tackler, as a proper highlight would show) and I hope Hugo Bonneval (son of Eric Bonneval, for those of you who know a little bit about 80's French) will play at FB in the final. The guy breaths French flair. If only he wasn't such a lazy bottom... Say what you want about the level in Challenge cup but usually the knock out stages are very good in terms of play and/or suspens. Last year semi between Toulon and a Stade francais B team was a classic. In fact, bar the Clermont games, this year CC knock out games have been far better than the HC ones. Stade will probably get their bottom kicked in the final but, hey, always believe in your team, that's the number one rule of any supporter (yes, I am a SF fan, those still exist...) We've been so close to winning it these two last years, at some point we are bound to win it, right ? Go Stade, Pink is definitely not dead!


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