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Wednesday Oct 12, 2016

Johnny Leota banned for dangerous judo throw on Aled Brew

Johnny Leota banned for dangerous judo throw on Aled Brew

Sale Sharks back Johnny Leota has been suspended for two weeks after he was yellow carded late in the Aviva Premiership match against Bath for flipping and ‘judo throwing’ Aled Brew to the floor. Leota appeared before an RFU discplinary panel last night.

With time almost up in the match, Brew and Leota got in one another’s path and the New Zealand born Samoan flung him to the ground. He then charged at him a bit, before flinging him to the turf a second time. A scuffle broke out but soon died down.

Upon referall to the TMO, referee Tom Foley chose to only yellow card Leota, despite the TMO hinting that it may have been a little more severe. The commentators seemed to concur.

Brew was not injured, despite coming very close to landing awkwardly on his head.

Leota was charged with dangerous tackling – Law 10.4(e) – by the citing commissioner and subsequently given a two-week ban at the discplinary hearing.

He will be free to play again on October 25th.

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Below are match highlights, with the incident at the end (not available in all regions)

credit: premiership rugby


  • paimoe
    4:45 AM 13/10/2016


  • finedisregard
    11:16 PM 12/10/2016

    The answer is no cards and no weeks. Cards and bans are handed out almost arbitrarily. Cards didn't exist in rugby in the 20th or 19 century. They don't seem to be deterring any kind of behavior AND they do encourage play-acting and milking injuries and controversy in general. Referees should give just penalties or if a player does something really bad just send them off. Keep power plays for hockey.

  • heavyhooker
    10:36 PM 12/10/2016

    So let me see if I get this correctly: You tackle a player not with the ball, off the play (offside) and judo throw him onto his head and you get a yellow card and only two weeks. WTF is this. Red card and minimum 8 weeks.

  • danknapp
    9:50 PM 12/10/2016

    Just need the Undertaker to run on and hit him with a metal chair.

  • drg
    5:27 PM 12/10/2016

    Out of all the spear tackles etc etc, this actually looked like one of the worst landings, entirely on the point of his shoulder. Nasty.


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