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Monday Mar 11, 2013

Julian Savea smashes Israel Dagg, Robbie Fruean, and a few others

Julian Savea smashes Israel Dagg, Robbie Fruean, and a few others

The Hurricanes beat the Crusaders 29-28 in a Super Rugby thriller on Friday night. Wing Julian Savea had a large part to play in the home side’s performance as he physically dominated and scored a try that was reminiscent of Jonah Lomu vs Mike Catt in 1995.  

Dan Carter had a chance to snatch the win for the Crusaders late in the game, but a drop goal attempt sailed wide, allowing the Hurricanes to get back on track after two successive losses.

Savea was sensational on the night as he bumped hapless tacklers out the way, smashed others, and showed a deftness of touch that has seldom been seen in such brutal runners.

Comparisons to the great Lomu were hard to avoid, but what Savea perhaps lacks in size (when compared with the All Black legend), he makes up for in other areas of his game, clearly having worked on his kicking, passing, and option taking.

He made a statement early on with a big charge through All Black Israel Dagg, then smashed Crusaders powerhouse Robbie Fruean, leaving him on the floor wincing in pain.

In the second half and with the Hurricanes trailing, Savea lit things up as he beat one man, then lined up last defender Dagg and literally bumped him out the way for the second time in the game.

It wasn’t quite at the same brutality level of Lomu vs Catt, but it was right up there and the impact he made on the night will live long in the memory as a defining moment in his young career.

Below is a clip showing the bumps, the try, and that big tackle on Fruean

Hurricanes vs Crusaders highlights


  • stubby
    2:41 PM 13/03/2013

    shades of Lomu.

  • guy
    9:38 AM 12/03/2013

    Since he's from Wellington 'the North Island' would also be a correct answer for trolls like Jeroo.

  • jeri
    8:11 AM 12/03/2013

    Holy crap, how many other players in the competitition can make both Robbie Fruean and Israel Dagg eat dirt like that?

  • asdfero
    2:53 AM 12/03/2013


  • maddernhead
    10:08 PM 11/03/2013

    He's Born and raised in Wellington, and like many of Samoan descent he calls NZ home.

  • wayno
    9:58 PM 11/03/2013

    Dagg's not small either 90kgs+, he would normally get away with that technique on less powerful players but Savea just smashed him. You could see the look on his face in the slo he'd be run over by a bus

  • daicanada
    7:02 PM 11/03/2013

    Not got a Welsh grandparent, has he?

  • jeroo
    4:04 PM 11/03/2013

    good grief! monstrous! Which island is he from?

  • 2:59 PM 11/03/2013

    Sorry not the best option

  • 2:59 PM 11/03/2013

    Most impressed by the tackle on freuan. Like Marshall said, never seen that before! Robbie must go about 110, 115 kg? Smashing men of the same size is very impressive. I know I'm gonna take some stick here but did anyone else notice all three players who got bumped ducks their heads? Perhaps poor technique but I also think trying to tackle that train with a traditional rugby tackle is the best option


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Julian Savea smashes Israel Dagg, Robbie Fruean, and a few others | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos