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Friday Sep 28, 2012

Kieran Read's big tackle on Duane Vermeulen in Dunedin

Kieran Read's big tackle on Duane Vermeulen in Dunedin

Duane Vermeulen is playing his first season of Springbok rugby and while his performances have been respectable, he got a bit of a welcome to Test rugby from All Blacks number eight, and opposite number, Kieran Read in Dunedin. It’s a hit we’ve been meaning to share with you since it happened, so as we head into another weekend of Rugby Championship games, here it is. 


  • rugby08
    6:07 AM 03/10/2012

    Agreed, as usual people are wetting themselves over NZ and Kieran Read in particular.

  • pretzel
    3:14 PM 29/09/2012

    I wasn't going to say anything, but welshosprey broke the radio silence on this one.. I have to sort of agree with him.. I mean it was a good hit, it was a strong hit, but, to me, it was not THAAT big... I mean it seems like a lot of hype has surrounded this tackle, and to me I just don't know what it is about.. I just feel there have been some far harder tackles in the latest plays of the week that this one... I mean it was brilliant in the sense that not only was it a clean legal hard hit, but the AB's turned the ball over too... but for me, the hit itself seems overhyped...

  • guy
    2:46 PM 29/09/2012

    Not entirely sure that Vermeulen did see Read coming. Read more or less blindsides him, green players blocking his view and he is watching the ball. Did any of his players warn him? Not sure. But, Vermeulen did well not to lose the ball when he got hit, smashing tackle and a perfect example of great technique and sheer dedication by Read. Love this kind of stuff!

  • welshosprey
    2:27 PM 29/09/2012

    That was absolutely nothing

  • manolo
    9:12 AM 29/09/2012

    The receivers should turn their shoulder as they are taking the ball in. Id Rather take the hit in the shoulder/side torso area rather in the upper chest/head area. Read is not an arrogant player.

  • 7:08 AM 29/09/2012

    @ Justin M : I think Reads reaction was more towards ABs getting the turnover rather than "Yeh boi smashed u" but im with you fantastic take from Vermeulen knowing he was gonna get hit hard.

  • jeri
    4:38 AM 29/09/2012

    Am I the only who feels that the Springbok coach's reactions are stealing the show this season?

  • justinm
    12:39 AM 29/09/2012

    Not too impressed with Read's reaction. Vermeulen was a sitting duck and in fairness he made the catch bravely.

  • stroudos
    10:24 PM 28/09/2012

    BOSH. Wonderful moment.


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