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Wednesday Oct 8, 2014

Midweek Madness - Probably the worst lineout throw ever

Midweek Madness - Probably the worst lineout throw ever

There’s always a bit of guilt involved in highlighting a player’s misfortune on the rugby field, especially if it’s a junior, but this clip has to be seen to believed as it could be the most wayward lineout ever seen. It comes from the Fiji Schools vs New Zealand Barbarians match recently.

As a hooker you want to make sure you hit your jumpers early in the match, but he got this horribly wrong, heading closer to the flyhalf than the man at the front of the lineout. As you can see by the formation and movement of the second jumper, they got the call wrong too.

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  • corrie
    12:23 PM 24/10/2014

    Carry on my wayward son

  • danknapp
    4:39 PM 12/10/2014

    This is no worse than most of my attempted passes. I fail to see the joke.

  • katman
    9:28 AM 10/10/2014

    All Blacks need to poach this young hooker. He'd slot in seamlessly.

  • 45678
    8:23 PM 09/10/2014

    Is this what happens when you find the athlete, try and fit them into a position and then teach them the skills? I can understand the rationale. It's how gb built the Olympic team up for 2012, but something tells me that natural rugby talent gets overlooked in favour of physical machines

  • stroudos
    11:09 AM 09/10/2014

    I've seen worse... Come to think of it, I've seen worse let go by the ref.

  • 2:53 AM 09/10/2014

    I love how first the lock looks back at him .... then the second lock followed closely by the prop ... and then the ref ... all with the "WTF" look. Stay strong brother ... and blame a wind gust.


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