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Wednesday Nov 14, 2012

Midweek Madness - Referee inspects the bottom of a ruck

Midweek Madness - Referee inspects the bottom of a ruck

Referee Steven Lee got far closer to the action than he had anticipated during Newcastle Falcon’s 29-9 win over Nottingham in the RFU Championship over the weekend.

If you listen carefully you can hear the slightly delayed whistle, blown from under the pile of bodies. The good news is that referee Lee wasn’t hurt. He laughed it off before soldiering on.

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Thanks to Sky Tyne and Wear


  • colombes
    1:40 PM 15/11/2012

    how deep is your love

  • katman
    7:29 AM 15/11/2012

    At least he had the wherewithal to stick to the new 5 second rule.

  • curryrugby
    5:05 AM 15/11/2012

    Classic case of not rolling away id say!

  • kefaloskev
    11:49 PM 14/11/2012

    Sometimes you learn the hard way. In my first year on the Referee's Society, having retired from playing, I did a Vets (35 plus) game involving 2 clubs I used to play against. Having ignored the "feedback" from the Front rows that I was standing too close when showing the mark at a Scrum, I found myself bound in between the two front rows when they engaged. My only excuse... I used to paly full back and had no idea about scummaging. Many would argue I still don't but that's another story!!

  • joeythelemur
    11:23 PM 14/11/2012

    Nice cheer from the crowd. ;-)


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