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Wednesday Feb 26, 2014

Midweek Madness - Schalk Brits runs into brick wall Wayne Barnes

Midweek Madness - Schalk Brits runs into brick wall Wayne Barnes

We’ve seen that over the years referee Wayne Barnes is one that isn’t to be messed with on the field. He’s usually a strong disciplinarian and is capable of handling even the toughest rugby players out there. He’s no pushover physically either, apparently.

Poor Saracens hooker Schalk Brits found out the hard way after coming face to face with the English referee, and coming off well and truly second best.

An overthrown lineout resulted in loose ball and Barnes and Brits both running in different directions, but in the same path. The Barnes bodycheck prevailed, with Brits tumbling to the floor.

“I am not going to hear the end of this, I guess. thanks #refcam,” Brits said on Twitter, before following up with: “I had the worst 40 min of my life. got owned by a winger twice and then by Barnes! #disgrace”

Ref Cam, which some fans still aren’t mad about, probably just went up a notch in terms of popularity, and it’s safe to say that Barnes loved every minute of it.

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  • lucius
    4:40 PM 27/02/2014

    Shoulder charge, yellow card

  • connachtman
    2:14 PM 27/02/2014

    Gwan the Ref!!

  • danknapp
    9:40 AM 27/02/2014

    He'll be getting some serious stick for that. Class.

  • drg
    9:58 PM 26/02/2014

    Hahaha, great footage! Thanks RD

  • alasdairduncan3
    8:01 PM 26/02/2014

    Best shot from the ref cams yet

  • 5:03 PM 26/02/2014

    have to love the commentary....for once...


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