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Thursday Apr 12, 2012

Munster vs Ulster Highlights - HEC Quarter final

Munster vs Ulster Highlights - HEC Quarter final

Highlights of Ulster’s impressive win over Munster at Thomond Park


  • reality
    7:26 PM 13/04/2012

    I really wanted Ulster to win this because I thought that then Munster rugby would have to stop deluding themselves and face up to the fact that half of their players are terrible, and their coaching is terrible. They have one of the slowest outhalves in world rugby who gets bulldozed every time a ball-carrier comes near him and whose 'top class tactical kicking' is a thing of the past. Denis Hurley the winger. Why do they have a winger who is slower than most forwards, can't kick the ball properly and can't catch the ball? Aside from the Northampton match, they backline has failed to actually do anything right. Do they not think having dummy runners and switching the ball would be a good idea rather than lining up in a straight line and letting the opposition mark them one by one? The forwards never ever offload the ball in contact, and don't seem to realise that taking the ball at pace will help them over the gainline. Realistically though no changes are going to be made. Just the fact that they still use Tomas O'Leary off the bench shows just how idiotic the Munster management are. And why won't they give Keately a chance at outhalf? He can actually run with the ball rather than just shovel it on to the next useless player outside him or use his 'wonderful' tactical kicking. I used to think Munster were so great, but they are a joke at the moment. The only thing I can compliment them for is the fact that somehow they don't get an absolute pasting in every match.


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