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Tuesday Jul 26, 2016

Police called as beach Touch Rugby tournament descends into boxing match

Police called as beach Touch Rugby tournament descends into boxing match

The Beach Rugby Wales touch rugby tournament in Swansea returned for its 11th instalment on the weekend, and was as fun and competitive as ever. Tempers boiled over though, as this year’s tournament was marred by two brawls, with the police called to alleviate the situation.

The tournament plays a pivotal part in the beginning of the season for many clubs in the area, and is intended as a fun day out in the sun coupled with some flair and fiercely contested touch.

The fights broke out during the matches between Porth and Wattstown, and Ferndale and Rhigos. The four teams in question were excluded from the tournament as a result of the incidents. 

As is often the case in rugby, the players involved in the fights were quick to bury the hatchet.

“After the problems on the pitch,” said tournament founder Ashleigh Walters, “the teams were all friends again because what happens on the sand, stays on the sand.”

The video was the cause of much comment on social media. Neil Back – no stranger to scraps himself over the years – was quick to point out the friendly aftermath of the scuffle.

Many were quick to play down the situation, with Walters also going on to say that the fights had been “blown out of proportion”.

Indeed, the fights didn’t even seem to register in some people’s summaries of the day.

The jury’s out. There were reports of drinking taking place before some of the matches, which might explain some of the players’ behaviour, but we’ll let you decide whether it’s a blight on our game, or just a bit of sand-bags.

The fight video is above but if you’d like to see more actual gameplay, you can watch below

Credit: This Is Swansea Wales UK


  • jimmy23
    1:44 PM 31/07/2016

    "or just a bit of sand-bags" Top notch journalism there Rugbydump :D

  • luc
    9:23 PM 29/07/2016

    Only in France can you see such violence in rugby! Such a bad example for younger generations.

  • katman
    8:44 PM 27/07/2016

    Nothing sadder than Wales on a beach.

  • drg
    9:29 PM 26/07/2016

    1. Bloody french.... 2. I thought the Welsh were too tired after their hard hard year - you know the one that has lead them to suggest that the timetables are moved so that they don't get all worn out from playing rugby.... 3. clowns...

  • ronan
    6:53 PM 26/07/2016

    wow, thats a lot of security for a butch touch tournament.... let them go full contact next year, leave the hand bags at home...

  • stripe
    3:09 PM 26/07/2016

    :lol: That's what happens when rugby players try to play Touch.


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Police called as beach Touch Rugby tournament descends into boxing match | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos