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Monday Sep 24, 2018

Prop red carded for leading with the elbow but former players disagree

Prop red carded for leading with the elbow but former players disagree

Edinburgh front rower Pierre Schoeman was sent for an early shower when his team faced Leinster in Dublin on Saturday. The former Blue Bulls prop led with the elbow, catching Dan Leavy in a routine looking carry. The referee had little choice, but some are not convinced.

Leinster beat Edinburgh without too much trouble at the RDS, picking up a 31-7 win with five tries to one.

Late in the game, their task was made even easier when South African prop Schoeman was given his marching orders. The 24-year-old accepted his fate, even apologising momentarily before leaving the field.

“It is a red card these days,” said disappointed Edinburgh coach Richard Cockerill. “You’ve got to protect people. I don’t think it was malicious from our guy if he’s dropping a fraction but look, it happens. It’s an accident more than anything and we know the consequences if it happens.”

While Schoeman appeared to look at fend Leavy in the chest with his forearm, the result looked bad and led to an HIA for Leavy, after he was knocked to the turf.

As mentioned in commentary, however, Leavy’s upright tackling may have contributed to the incident and perhaps reiterated the desire of World Rugby to get players to look at their technique, with hinging at the hips being something that may well be made mandatory in the game in the next five years or so. Like it or not.

Former Edinburgh forward Jim Hamilton did not agree with the red card, and he wasn’t the only one.

Catch up on full highlights from the match below


  • the_osprey
    7:21 PM 24/09/2018

    For once I agree with a red card decision!  You can't fend using the elbow of your non-ball-carrying arm.  Seems like common sense to me.  Use your hand or face the consequences.  Players have been seriously injured because of leading elbows.The card decisions I don't agree with are those when a defender runs into the ball-carrying arm of an attacker and the contact is near the elbow.  That's just unfortunate.  But the attacker can choose what to do with the non-ball-carrying arm so, even if it's not intended, the decision is right for me (ie not only 'correct' under the laws - which are bullshit at the moment - but also 'fair').

    • 45678
      10:30 PM 30/09/2018

      If you do the same but from a much lower centre of gravity, I think you’ve got every right to protect your body with a forearm tucked under. Leading with it at face height is a bit stupidI remember playing with a forearm pad for this very reason (and to clear rucks)


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