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Wednesday Oct 26, 2011

Radike Samo's IRPA Try of the Year 2011, vs New Zealand

Radike Samo's IRPA Try of the Year 2011, vs New Zealand

The IRPA Try of the Year award went to the Wallabies’ Radike Samo at the IRB Awards earlier in the week. He scored the try against the All Blacks in the Tri Nations and we featured it in the highlights then, but not on it’s own, so here’s another look at it. 

It’s good to archive stuff like this, a fantastic try from a player who has been around the block. Samo has had a good run of form of late, and even turned out on the wing in the RWC. His hard running, big tackling, and good work ethic have prolonged his career to the point of him now being a Super Rugby and Tri Nations title holder.

This 60m solo effort against the All Blacks has now been recognised as the Try of the Year by the International Rugby Players Association.  

“I was lucky I got there. It was good. I just ran the gap and it went from there. I didn’t realise it was 40 or 50m… the last 10m was like… argghh,” said 35 year old Samo. 

“It’s a pretty awesome try for me because its my first test try. Something I’ll never forget, it’ll be there for the rest of my life so its all good,” he added.  

Acura Niuqila, who played for Fiji, said that the try was typically Fijian, and shows exactly where the term ‘Flying Fijians’ comes from. “We Fijian players are like wine… the older we get, the better we become. I’m sure there is still much more left in Samo. He is in his mature age now. Thirties is the mature age for Fijian players. They are in their best form at this age,” Niuqila said.

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  • centre
    1:02 AM 28/10/2011

    Clearly, a great try. But yes probably another example in sport of when awards go to the situation and who was involved in the event, rather than the actual specific merits of the act itself. By the way RD, I was denied a unique double first of being the 'first' comment on this vid with my first ever comment after joining this site if only my activation email had come in time lol ! D'oh! It's OK though, I'm pleased to be up and running at all.

  • 6:14 PM 27/10/2011

    Wow, I totally agree with "just call me etch", I think... Cant really understand what he's saying. Still, great try, and even better from an "old man"

  • juanilooo
    2:35 PM 27/10/2011

    Awesome try but Gonzales Amorosino's was better!!!

  • jeri
    1:04 PM 27/10/2011

    Awesome try and loved it! His afro's big, but his heart's even bigger!

  • breakaway
    10:48 AM 27/10/2011

    There might have been more complex or beautiful tries in 2011 but this one has some sort of X-factor. An exciting moment at a crucial time in a Tri-nations decider and a forward running half the length of the field. Beale scored the match-winner much later in the game but it feels like the 5-point difference at the end was Samo's doing.

  • rugbydump
    10:43 AM 27/10/2011

    It's the international try of the year, from Test rugby. The one you mention was brilliant though.

  • poccio
    11:48 PM 26/10/2011

    my feeling is that he's drunk..

  • welshosprey
    10:39 PM 26/10/2011

    Just call me ehtch You are one weird person

  • 7:23 PM 26/10/2011

    Not saying you're wrong, but feel free to list some of those other tries. Unlike previous years, I don't know if they gave a list of 2011 IRPA Try of the Year nominees this time around.

  • juggernauter
    6:54 PM 26/10/2011

    Run Radike Run!

  • akared
    6:48 PM 26/10/2011

    Not trying to belittle the try, it was awesome, but if it had have been scored by a 20 something winger or centre would it be try of the year? I don't think so. In my opinion there were many better tries scored than that this year.

  • stubby
    6:34 PM 26/10/2011

    Power try right there.

  • mirrorpond
    6:29 PM 26/10/2011

    Happy for Samo. Was a pretty magnificent try, especially when he's a 35-year old forward, running 50m and fending off the All Blacks. And it was his first test try? Not too many other players have had their first tries nominate for IRB Try of the Year. Someone buy that man a drink!


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