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Monday Oct 31, 2016

Referee makes shocking call as he sends off wrong Shingler brother

Referee makes shocking call as he sends off wrong Shingler brother

Young Scottish referee Lloyd Linton made a bit of a howler with this decision in the Cardiff Blues vs Scarlets Welsh derby in the PRO12, a match that featured brothers Aaron and Steven Shingler playing for opposing teams.

With ten minutes left in the match a kick through was blocked and effectively kicked ahead by Scarlets flanker Aaron. Both players chased back but as Aaron had the lead, younger brother Steven tackled him, but without the ball.

They were obviously in different jerseys, and had different numbers, but somehow the referee got the wrong brother, showing Aaron a yellow card. He almost refused to go off but Linton was having none of it, insisting that the Scarlets man get off the field.

“I don’t like to say that about referees but he has had an absolute shocker,” said BBC commentator and former Test flanker Martyn Williams, before Gareth Charles said “That was one of the most ridiculous decisions you’ll see.”

Scarlets coach Wayne Pivac said post match “Clearly he was tackled without the ball and the wrong player was sin-binned,”.

Despite it appearing that way to all involved, flyhalf Steven actually appeared to agree with the call, even holding up his hand in what appeared to be a carding gesture, probably claiming he was blocked.

Whether it was a case of mistake identity or simply a really bad call, it’s surely a moment Mr Linton will sooner forget. He’ll be grateful that the call didn’t really affect the outcome of the match, as Scarlets won 26-15.

A news report on the incident:


  • danknapp
    12:49 PM 02/11/2016

    This is one of the best things I've ever seen. That's not just a mistake, that's a stroke of absolute genius. If I was Steven, I'd milk this for all it's worth. Christmas 2016. Aaron is holding the turkey. Steven smashes it out of his hand and shits in the pud. Aaron gets sent to his room.

  • drg
    1:15 AM 01/11/2016

    Can we have Kaplans view on this please? Only I totally trust the guys view. He was a faultless referee who is more than willing to out the amateurs wannabe referees such as Nigel Owens... I'm wondering how I can really pass any opinion on the matter without the back up from Mr Faultless...

  • jimmy23
    8:07 PM 31/10/2016

    The ONLY thing I can think of as to why he picked Aaron, in a situation where he didn't mix them up, is that he thought Aaron took out the Cardiff 19 first? But that's really, REALLY pushing it.

  • stroudos
    5:40 PM 31/10/2016

    I actually found it a bit tricky to work out how the ref could have got this wrong. It seems that the decision - tackling a player without the ball - was the right one and from there it's just a case of mistaken identity. But I don't get how that's possible. They may be brothers but they don't look that similar and they're wearing different coloured tops - and the ref was right up with the action and he saw the incident well enough to call it correctly. Very odd. But we all make mistakes, hopefully the ref can just chalk this up to experience and not make a clanger of this significance where it has more influence on the outcome of the match. One other thing - even if Steven escaped the initial penalty, the ref should definitely have sent him off for the imaginary card-waving, which in my opinion should attract a minimum two-match ban.


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Referee makes shocking call as he sends off wrong Shingler brother | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos