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Friday Oct 12, 2018

Rugbydump launches amateur rugby video submission competition, RUGBYDUMP BLITZ

Rugbydump launches amateur rugby video submission competition, RUGBYDUMP BLITZ

Today we are launching our new amateur rugby video submission contest, Rugbydump Blitz! It’s a long time coming, and while we’ve shared random grassroots clips over the years, we’re now putting structures in place to encourage and reward users for sharing their videos.

How does it work?
You send your videos and we’ll sift through them, posting the best weekly. At the end of the month, we will all choose the best video and that will win prizes, as well as go into the pool for the grand prize at the end of the year.

What can I win?
We are in the process of securing sponsors and great prizes for monthly winners, but we’ve also put $5000 up for grabs for the grand prize winner. That means that your quick video might end up lining your pockets, as well as going viral thanks to our boost.

What kind of videos work best?
We’re looking to feature clips from club rugby right down to schools (nothing professional). Remember that hilarious Haka baby? Stuff like that will work too, as we’ll set up categories for funnies, big hits, great tries, bizarre etc. Dirty play is not encouraged, unless it’s you diving into a puddle of mud.

In a nutshell, ‘viral’ videos that are short and shareable will be most popular.

How do I enter?
Please send your clips by following the instructions below. We will look at clips via social media but you will usually be directed to send in your details via email, to make it an official entry.

  • Email to:
  • Your details: name and surname and mobile number if you’re happy to share it
  • Match and video details: List details such as who, when, where and why. The more the better.
  • Video/link: If it’s a short video, attach it via email. If longer, send us a link to youtube/facebook/wetransfer etc. We need to be able to get the original video somehow so something like wetransfer or dropbox is usually best.
  • Permission: Make sure that you have permission to share it, and that you can give us permission to use it

Who can enter?
Anyone from anywhere in the world! So get filming those matches and fire us an email today with any clips you think might make good entries.


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Rugbydump launches amateur rugby video submission competition, RUGBYDUMP BLITZ | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos