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Wednesday Nov 25, 2015

Rugbydump Training: Relax or Gain during the Festive Period?

Rugbydump Training: Relax or Gain during the Festive Period?

With the festive period rapidly approaching, how many of us have identified that period as a chance to make considerable gains?  An opportunity to get a competitive edge on your competition? 

Or when the 2nd of January rolls around, how many of you will wish they didn’t have that fourteenth serving of turkey and sixth glass of port! Here are some tips on how to overcome a testing time of the year.


I have talked about the need to recover quite a lot recently, and without doubt this period of the year is a chance to unwind, relax, let the body heal from the constant knocks and games you have had for the past three months, but let’s be honest, is it really that relaxing!?

The in-laws are round, the kids are constantly shouting about Santa coming, your partner is nagging you are not helping enough, you’re having to food shop everyday just in case you run out and the shop is shut for one day of the year, you’re finding presents, wrapping presents, attending office parties… (what other stereotypes can I put in about the holiday period).


Most teams will have a two week window (maybe more) where there will be no games and very little training so this is a fantastic opportunity to have a “mini pre-season”, an opportunity to fully recuperate and rehab any injuries, and a chance to make size and strength gains. 

With no games and reduced training, that provides the possibility of extra gym sessions.

How many see Christmas Eve and Boxing Day as a training day?!

For those that have the luxury of an extended holiday during this time, instead of having an extra hour or two in bed, wake up at the same time but have 30 minutes of foam rolling or posture work.

Focus on a priority:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Increase range of motion / flexibility
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Increase strength levels
  • Increase strength-speed
  • Increase acceleration

And work towards that and only that.

With a little bit of planning, this holiday is a superb opportunity to make substantial gains and be metres or kg’s ahead of the competition come January.


Meet Coach Kevin

Kevin Shattock is a professional rugby strength & conditioning coach from Yorkshire, England.

He began his career as a fitness instructor in the Royal Air Force. After receiving the Queen’s Commendation award, he left military life and the United Kingdom. He spent his next years training mountain climbers in the Himalayas.

After returning home to the UK, Kevin became a strength & conditioning coach and developed High Intensity Rugby Training to assist talented players achieve elite performance.

Kevin is one of our Rugbydump Strength Academy trainers and we’re lucky to have him on board.


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