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Wednesday May 25, 2016

Rugbydump Training: Using Medicine Balls To Develop Ruck Power

Rugbydump Training: Using Medicine Balls To Develop Ruck Power

Today we’re joined by resident Rugbydump Academy S&C Coach TJ Jankowski in a video to demonstrate how to develop great rucking power with the benefit of Medicine Ball Throws.

Developing ruck power is not going to be done by using traditional gym movements.

Sure you can develop a strong body, but that isn’t enough, we need to teach it to be powerful in certain positions. Today, we’ll look at the ruck.

Just make sure you ok it with your gym and use a ball that wont break on you – we’re not responsible for anyone getting kicked out of their gym 😉

Did you guys find this video helpful? Will you add this into your programme?  

Comment Below and tell us!

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About TJ Jankowski

TJ Jankowski is a former international rugby player for Poland rugby, who achieved their highest world ranking of 23 whilst he was part of the team.
Never the most talented player, he attributes the majority of his success to the hard work he put in at the gym, kitchen and training paddock.

It was this reward from hard work that led him to become a coach and help other achieve greater success than he could. He prides himself on coaching and creating plans for people in the real world, not with robots.

TJ has worked with international rugby players from 4 different continents and we are thrilled to announce that he can help you as part of the Rugbydump Academy


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