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Friday Jul 20, 2012

School of Hard Knocks - Behind the scenes training with The Foundry

School of Hard Knocks - Behind the scenes training with The Foundry

School of Hard Knocks proved to be extremely popular this year and with so much going on behind the scenes, some of the intense training that took place wasn’t actually included in the four episodes. So today we have some exclusive unseen footage for you, courtesy of one of London’s premier training companies, The Foundry.

Made up of elite athletes and coaches with decades of combined experience, The Foundry were asked to train the participants in safe and effective strength training techniques in the gym, and to put them through their paces with rugby specific conditioning workouts.

The results make great viewing, so RD caught up with The Foundry director Dave Thomas, who told us about the type of training they put the lads through, and about their natural talent and ability.

“I’ve been involved with the show in the past so I was well aware of the ability many of the participants possess. What really surprised me with this series was the lads’ willingness to drop their egos, listen to the coaches, and respond collectively to whatever we threw at them.

“Over the years with SOHK we’ve had many great athletes and genuine individuals who, often through little fault of their own, don’t have the supportive network to help guide them with their goals. This is why we decided to partner with the School of Hard Knocks Charity in a fund-raising event offering everyone the chance to experience professional rugby conditioning,” Dave explained.

This clip shows the guys in the gym learning to squat, bench and dead-lift properly, with a highlight demonstrating Scott Quinnell’s competitive attitude hasn’t left him over the years as he gets into a benching competition with Bruno (who has since signed a professional contract with Southend). 

They then undertake a gruelling strongman competition which throws up a few surprises and some laughs from the characters we enjoyed watching during the series.

The School of Hard Knocks charity continues to run courses throughout the UK to spread the game beyond its traditional roots but for this they need funding. For more information or to donate to School of Hard Knocks please visit


The Foundry is running a “Pre-season with The Professionals” fitness event at their elite training centre Foundry:East London with the likes of Chris Chudleigh, Andy Titterrell, and Fiona Pocock providing the coaching, with a few surprises on the day.

We’ve got you an exclusive Rugbydump discounted rate for this event with £30 off standard single or group tickets if you book before Friday 27th. Book here or email to claim this offer with the code RDSOHK12.


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