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Sunday Feb 8, 2015

Scotland left frustrated as France kick their way to victory in Paris

Scotland left frustrated as France kick their way to victory in Paris

French flyhalf Camille Lopez kicked five penalties as Scotland left Paris with little to show for their hearty performance, that included the only try of the match. France’s 15-8 victory left the Scots frustrated and ruing missed opportunities.

Scotland socred an excellent try through Dougie Fife and could have had one more late in the game had Tim Visser’s intercept chance come off. As it was, France, who were wearing red for only the third time in history, got the win through the boot of Lopez, but left their coach less than satisfied.

“We won,” said Philippe Saint Andre. “However, we weren’t clinical enough especially when we had a one man advantage and didn’t score enough points when we had the chance.

“There was not enough variety in our game. Scotland played with a lot of spirit. For the game with Ireland (next Saturday) we need to show a lot of improvement.”

Scotland skipper Greig Laidlaw said that his side were frustrated to leave the Stade De France without a win, after he had said earlier in the week spoken about how confident they were.

“We’re extremely frustrated, we felt we played a lot of really, really good rugby but we just let them off the hook at times,” said Laidlaw, who kicked his team’s only penalty.

“We were probably on the wrong side of the penalty count as well. We’re frustrated with that because it’s a tough enough place to come when things are going well, we don’t need the penalty count going against us as well.”

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  • drg
    9:29 AM 10/02/2015

    I disagree, Scotland's ill discipline has always been a great factor in teams lumping points on then, their defence is traditionally fairly solid. So the fact France camped on Scotland's 5m line is also pretty traditional and the fact they left with no points is down to Scotland's discipline rather than French play. Agree with you that Parra looks like the more dangerous 9 for France.

  • jimmy23
    12:05 AM 10/02/2015

    It's incredible how much influence a coach can have on a team. Look at how much Scotland have improved since getting Vern Cotter on board, barely recognisable to the team this time last year.

  • frenchie
    1:05 PM 09/02/2015

    I dare saying that the score is flattering for the Scotts. They seemed to be a lot quicker and organised in attack, breaking the French defense easily a few times but the French let them in the game by a lack of patience and too Many dropped balls in the last passes. The French camped in the opposite 5 meters line, Huget was closed from scoring... It was not all bad. Would they have been more composed and the score could have been a lot higher for the French. Thought Parra was a better 9. Our fly half was way to deep in attack. Great Scottish defense. A good team!

  • drg
    12:30 PM 09/02/2015


  • karimabuseer
    11:27 AM 09/02/2015

    All these negatives, but one of the outstanding players of the game was the french winger Ted Thomas. He's definitely one to watch.

  • vladimir
    9:06 PM 08/02/2015

    Big muscles, no brain, no hands. What a let-down from France.

  • reality
    8:04 PM 08/02/2015

    Thank you! I was thinking to myself the whole time, "This guy is crap. Are the normal starters all injured?". He just didn't seem to offer anything decent in attack or defence. I'm not a huge fan of Barclay and Brown but they're pretty solid players.

  • marty
    8:02 PM 08/02/2015

    France seems to get worst and worst at every outcome. PSA is definetly not the man of the situation.

  • welshosprey
    7:23 PM 08/02/2015

    How the hell can Cowan start ahead of Barclay & Brown? He's awful.

  • kadova
    7:13 PM 08/02/2015

    OMG, are you THAT disappointed ? You sound so bitter.... The Scots need to score from their opportunities. Vern Cotter will make that happen, he's an excellent coach. France were not really good, they have alot to work on to improve.


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