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Wednesday Mar 4, 2015

Six of the Best Hits and Tackles from Round 3 of the Six Nations

Six of the Best Hits and Tackles from Round 3 of the Six Nations

There was some outstanding tackling taking place in the Six Nations over the weekend. Here is a look at six of the best, as put together by the official RBS 6 Nations youtube channel. Note that the music, while taste is subjective, is pretty horrific, so you might want to mute it.

Look out for great tackling from Italy’s Simone Favaro in particular, and from Ireland’s Johnny Sexton on George Ford during Sunday’s big clash with England in Dublin.


  • notawelshdavies
    5:00 PM 07/03/2015

    Vunipola was offside. Good tackle, but the problem with people not getting back on before they chase is that it encourages kicking. (Attwood is also off)

  • flanker2712
    1:24 PM 06/03/2015

    Damn it. I didn't read the intro so didn't have it on mute. "Horrific" is being kind. I am not even sure in what type of scenario that music would ever be appropriate. Maybe a really bad opening ceremony?

  • reality
    7:01 PM 05/03/2015

    Great to see a compilation of good, legal tackles. It's a rarity. Surely Allan at number three should be Simone Favaro though? Allan just kind of stood there while Favaro was the one who smashed the player to the ground.

  • 10stonenumber10
    12:58 PM 05/03/2015

    Forza Azzurri. None of this WWF/WWE rubbish, pure lumberjack style... TTTTIIIIMMMMBBBEEEERRRRRR!!!!! Solid by Sexton, though dumping someone Ford's size is about as challenging as flipping a pillow to the cold side... however, still a brutal statement of intentions, and well controlled not to tip him. Good to see Bastareaud using his size to "Return to Sender", and Huget regaining some of his lost integrity. One or two of those each week and he might make it back into the fan's good books.

  • welshosprey
    12:23 PM 05/03/2015

    Favaro's were the best, all the rest were weak as hell.

  • colombes
    10:08 AM 05/03/2015

    If only these french players could attack like they tackle...

  • 4:01 AM 05/03/2015

    Everyone legal. Simone is a stud


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