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Tuesday Jul 31, 2018

So How Good Was Sam Warburton? This brilliant analysis reveals all

So How Good Was Sam Warburton? This brilliant analysis reveals all

The news of Sam Warburton’s early retirement at the age of just 29 shocked and saddened most rugby supporters globally, particularly Wales fans. Plaudits from around the world followed, yet some felt he wasn’t the great player he was being hailed as. This video explores that notion.

If you’ve never watched one of these Squidge Rugby videos, good luck. It’s exhausting, and even though the video is only 11 minutes long, it’s going to take you much longer. But, it’s well worth it!

The creator goes deep into the analysis of Warburton’s career, and what made him so good.

It’s brilliantly done and hilarious at the same time, and as you can see, is being spread far and wide, reaching the great man himself.

So, sit back and prepare to be enlightened on exactly how good a player Sam Warburton really was. And if you still don’t believe it, we hope you enjoyed your time on RD, Stuart.

credit: Squidge Rugby



  • danknapp1
    9:14 PM 29/11/2018

    Squidge produces the BEST rugby videos out there. I don't think there are any better.

  • rugbydump
    2:49 PM 09/08/2018

    Not sure why it's taken so long!

  • tphillipsstl
    5:56 PM 07/08/2018

    It wasn't so much that Tips was/is better than Warby, it's that the best combination was Warby at 6 and Tips at 7. But instead we always got Tips on the bench when his impact on the game was limited.

  • colombes
    8:54 AM 06/08/2018

    A great captain and player But also very underrated, like great numbers 6 who were playing in the shadows The best example being a guy like Dusautoir who would never receive any "tribute" video for his career.

  • im1
    11:42 AM 03/08/2018

    No, not widely. Some people thought he was better, but there is always going to be a bias towards players like Tipuric who get in the wide channels more often as that is seen work. And Warburton was an exceptional captain, in particular his referee management. It cannot be overestimated how important that is (and rare)

  • reality
    9:27 PM 02/08/2018

    Wasn't his own teammate Tipuric widely regarded as being better than him? Nothing against the guy, and he does seem like a very good example of a player and captain, but I think there's the tendency to exaggerate how good players are when they retire.

  • ruckinmaul
    2:48 PM 02/08/2018

    The best at the business (northern hemisphere). Him and Hooper is so undervalued by the fans is baffling to me honestly.

  • dirtyflanker
    9:47 AM 01/08/2018

    I've said it once and ill say it again. Top Player. Top Bloke. lets hope he doesn't leave the game completely. a real ambassador for the game with a great attitude. Players like this need to stick around to show future generations how its done and how to behave. Good Luck Sam......

  • katman
    7:33 AM 01/08/2018

    Great vid. Great player.

  • andinov
    4:31 PM 31/07/2018

    Squidge is a genius. Well done RugbyDump for sending a little traffic his way


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