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Tuesday Oct 16, 2012

Sonny Bill Williams in Japan - Panasonic Wild Knights vs Yamaha

Sonny Bill Williams in Japan - Panasonic Wild Knights vs Yamaha

Many of you have been curious about Sonny Bill Williams is doing in Japan, so from time to time we’ll post a video featuring him in action. Above is a look at the Panasonic Wild Knights’ latest game from Round 6 of the Top League, against Yamaha.

Despite the huge signing of Williams, Panasonic actually have a lot of home-grown talent, with only about 7 foreigners in a squad of 40+ players. Amongst those are Kiwi Mike Delany, and Australian Sam Norton-Knight, who spent some time in the UK a few seasons back.

The video is quite long but some of the best SBW bits happen around 1:40, with a nice offload around the corner for a Akihito Yamada try, and a little kick ahead at 5:10 which set up another lovely try. The conditions are good so the general play is at a decent tempo.

Yamada got a hat-trick, and the Wild Knights won the game 35-18.

Time: 12:25
Credit to youtuber Blacklion1192


  • 7:56 PM 04/11/2012

    Well said Ottawa Rugger, with a league we wouldn't be limited to checking out this sight every 15 minutes. SWB looks like he's having a good time, lucky f@#Ker.

  • fritz
    6:19 PM 19/10/2012

    I agree with you completely.

  • 1:11 AM 19/10/2012

    You shouldn't expect Super Rugby quality play in all countries of the world...speaking from another tier 2 country, I'd kill to have a professional league anywhere near this quality. It's still a developing sport in a country like Japan, so let's try and take a global perspective to this

  • rugby_sh9
    8:41 PM 16/10/2012

    Interesting article I found about Yamada, apparently he plays rugby and american football

  • 6:53 PM 16/10/2012

    Man, Yamada seems like quite the player. And I like the crowd interaction from the teams at the end. I really wish I could watch more Japanese Rugby, but I can't seem to find any websites/channels that will broadcast the games. Pity


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