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Saturday May 21, 2016

Sonny Bill Williams puts in a monster tackle at the London Sevens

Sonny Bill Williams puts in a monster tackle at the London Sevens

All the talk at this year’s London 7s is about another cross-code convert, but Sonny Bill Williams has been quietly going about his work in his own fight to make it to the Olympics. On the opening day in London he made this cracking tackle, reminding everyone he is out there.

World Cup winner Williams read this attack from Russia and stepped in to cut it off, chopping down big Denis Simplikevich, exciting commentator and former New Zealand 7s star himself, Karl Te Nana. “Get you some son! Wohooo!”

New Zealand beat Russia 33-10, beat Brazil 31-0 and drew with Argentina 14-14. They will face the USA in the Cup Quarter Finals tomorrow morning.

Fiji secured the overall title by qualifying for the knockouts, taking an unassailable lead at the top of the table. They have now won back to back titles, making them odds on favourites for Rio.

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  • drg
    12:33 AM 24/05/2016

    Actually looked like shoulder to head to me....

  • jimmy23
    9:58 AM 22/05/2016

    Didn't know they had internet under those rickety bridges

  • kissmeimirish
    2:44 AM 22/05/2016

    Like "The Ref" points out SBW is penalised for not releasing. Commentators first call is a hightackle and to be fair when it is shown live with camera angle cuts you can understand that it looks high. They then go on and say that there is nothing wrong with that and the ref does the "tackler not releasing the ball" gesture.

  • 10stonenumber10
    11:28 PM 21/05/2016

    My view is that 1.3142 out of 2 arms were wrapped on impact. Based on these figures, and referencing several other cases of two unnecessarily large people colliding, I have concluded that the ref needs to go back to the changing rooms, watch TSRB and remind himself that this is a bloodsport. When the unstoppable force meets the immovable object, the only direction the hit can go is up. The hit was legal height but the poor Russian fella visibly crumpled and had his head whipped back. I wouldn't be surprised if he lost consciousness, the sheer violence of that collision was truly something to behold. 7s is about showmanship. Stupendous tries, outlandish steps, and when the time is right, committing focussed + legal GBH. Like an elbow from Fellaini, if SBW is on the field, you know someone is going to get effortlessly mangled. But yeah, he shouldn't be punished for doing a perfect job of cutting off a HUGE overlap. Arguably it shouldn't have been there in the first place, but if it was his fault, he more than made up for it.


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