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Sunday May 20, 2018

Tevita Nabura sees red for shocking flying kick to Cam Clark's face

Tevita Nabura sees red for shocking flying kick to Cam Clark's face

Highlanders winger Tevita Nabura was sent off fairly early against the Waratahs on Saturday night for this crazy act of foul play. As it turns out, it’s still illegal to kick opposing players in the face with studded boots.

This makes the second week in a row that a New Zealand team has committed an act of foul play against the Waratahs. However, this week there would be no heroic, come from behind victory as the Waratahs thumped the Highlanders 41-12, breaking the winless drought over New Zealand competition.

The incident happened in the 19th minute with Nabura collecting the high ball, only to find Cameron Clark‘s face. One could argue intent, but a closer look at the replays would seem to favour a calculated act of foul play, albeit by reflex.

From then on, the visitors were on the back foot as he was removed for the rest of the night.

Adding to the misery, moments later Aaron Smith was given 10 minutes of his own in the bin. Down by eight points and two players, it was too much for the visitors.  

Clark appeared fine to let the moment pass, admitting: “I don’t have a martial arts background… He has obviously been taught to protect himself, use the hard parts of your body, and I guess it’s unlucky he’s kicked his foot out at the wrong time and got his timing wrong.

“But nothing on my end. It’s happened, get on with the job” 

With the win, the Waratahs were finally able to do something that no Australian team has managed for 40 matches: beat a New Zealand team. And not just beat them, but beat them decisively.

Big Taqele Naiyaravoro and Israel Folau scored two tries apiece, while Bernard Foley kept the score line ticking with his boot. 

Nabura was scheduled to appear before SANZAAR’s Foul Play Review Committee on Sunday but it was postponed until Monday due to his travel schedule.

Full match highlights:



  • dancarter
    7:16 PM 24/05/2018

    The real time replay was just a blur of fluorescent green followed by Clark being on the deck.

  • 10stonenumber10
    8:40 PM 23/05/2018

    It wasn't for balance, it was an instinctive reaction to kick out and distance himself from the tackler... I have done it myself, I wasn't sure if I meant it or not, but it happened... "him or me" situation

  • reality
    10:42 AM 23/05/2018

    No chance that he was falling and raised his leg just for balance. He's even looking at the chap as he kicks him in the face. It wasn't a natural movement at all. He probably didn't mean to kick him but rather wanted to scare him away by putting his boot up and expected Clark not to get any closer, but at the end of the day, a boot in the face is a boot in the face.

  • 45678
    11:24 PM 22/05/2018

    A real-time replay would probably imply he has quicker feet than Bruce lee

  • eddie-g
    4:37 PM 22/05/2018

    Clark was lucky he didn't see red for taking a man out in the air.

  • jeri
    10:41 AM 22/05/2018

    Thumbnail looks like a kung fu movie

  • drg
    9:36 PM 21/05/2018

    6 of one I guess... Days gone by this might have gone down as an accident... Today I don't want holes in my face from someone's studs...

  • 4:45 PM 21/05/2018

    Club socks for Waratahs?

  • 10stonenumber10
    2:54 PM 21/05/2018

    I was taught from the age of about 6 to raise the leading knee when jumping. Basketball, Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, knee drive is where a lot of momentum and power comes from. Tucking one or both knees up at the peak protects the mid section if you are reaching upwards for the ball, and leads to greater visual hang time (like skateboarding). It gives the opponent more time to hit you in the air though. The same way 2nd rows/ungainly backrowers are taught to hit the harder yards as a windmill of elbows and high knees. 60/40, he was falling backwards and instinctively raised his leg, I don't think he meant to kick the guy, but he didn't try to avoid kicking him either. "Is it my fault if he runs into my boot?"

  • moo
    12:26 PM 21/05/2018

    This is an extreme example. But leading with the boot when jumping for the ball is prevalent enough that I assume it is coached? A couple of mates of mine have a real bee in their collective bonnets about this and think it should be punished. I'm sure I will be sent this clip several times this week also! But on reflection, I can't disagree with them.

  • thefrontrow
    10:19 AM 21/05/2018



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Tevita Nabura sees red for shocking flying kick to Cam Clark's face | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos