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Thursday Apr 9, 2015

The Fearless Warrior of Irish mythology, Paul O'Connell

The Fearless Warrior of Irish mythology, Paul O'Connell

Paul O’Connell was named the Six Nations player of the tournament recently, receiving over 26% of the public vote. This cements his place as one of the very best players in the game right now, and although we posted about him recently, this video is better.

In Greek Mythology, when Paris of Troy kidnapped Queen Helen, kings from across Greece assembled to bring their armies together to retrieve her and breach a city that had never before been breached.

Among these kings was Odysseus, cunning and clever and Achilles, a true warrior feared on the battlefield for his bravery and strength. Two captains who possessed two very different abilities without which the Greeks could not have won the battle of Troy.

Now, picture a different army, a Green army, lead by two equally famous and inspirational leaders vital to their success. Brian O’Driscoll cunning and clever and Paul O’Connell feared on the battlefield for his bravery and strength.

In 2009 and 2014 they tasted victory on the frontline together but many thought that without the quick mind of their Odysseus, Ireland would struggle in the 2015 six nations.

Such is the testament to the influence of O’Connell, unfazed by O’Driscoll’s retirement he lead his team to their first back to back titles in over 30 years, as well as reaching personal milestones on the way.

Ireland now sit third in the world rankings and are looking like an army that few will want to fight as the world goes to war this September.  

Regardless of Ireland’s success at this World Cup, one thing is guaranteed; In thousands of years people will talk about the fearless warrior of Irish mythology. Paul O’Connell, one of the greatest soldiers the country has ever seen.

The RTE video below was made to commemorate his 100 caps for Ireland

credit: rte rugby


  • diesel6
    10:18 PM 17/04/2015


  • 1:21 AM 10/04/2015


  • ronan
    9:34 PM 09/04/2015

    love the vid, love the hair, enjoy the wc pauly....

  • flanker2712
    8:38 PM 09/04/2015

    Nothing said or made about him will ever come close to being as good as that. The "Paul O'Connell pyjamas" bit makes me laugh out loud just thinking of it.

  • mise
    6:37 PM 09/04/2015

    seems to be better at some things than he was in the past (eg handling, passing) V physically fit also

  • mastersa
    5:56 PM 09/04/2015

    I hope he has an injury free World Cup.

  • stroudos
    1:51 PM 09/04/2015

    Very good, and interesting to see all that footage of him with hair. Still, nowhere near as good as the "day in the life of Paul O'Connell" though!


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