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Tuesday Apr 16, 2013

The Force upset the Crusaders with big defence amidst crowd control problems

The Force upset the Crusaders with big defence amidst crowd control problems

The Western Force upset the Crusaders with a historic 16-14 victory in Round 9 of Super Rugby in Perth. The Force tackled their way to the win, but the game ended controversially as pitch invaders intervened at a crucial time.

It was the Force’s best defensive effort of the season as they held out the Crusaders, who appeared to dominate proceedings and launch multiple attacks but couldn’t breach the determined defence.

They came back from 16-8 down in the second half and looked likely to take the lead but the Force maintained their composure, pulling off numerous trysaving tackles. 

Late in the game the Crusaders were yet again on attack, but a pitch invasion killed off that momentum, as five spectators thought it would be fun to take to the field.

Crusaders back Ryan Crotty tackled one, while forwards coach and former All Black Dave Hewett grabbed another. Five men were taken into custody but there have been complaints from the Crusaders, who feel that stadium security didn’t do their job. 

“It was disgraceful and unacceptable in our view and needs investigating,” said Crusaders chief executive Hamish Riach. “To have four or five people on the ground and to have security staff unable to manage it is an issue.

Coach Todd Blackadder echoed the sentiment, saying that is was a farcical end to the match.

“It was obviously a really key moment. We got a turnover and we would have counter-attacked and it was about five-on-one. It’s poor, it shouldn’t happen at this level. The crowd needs to be more discplined. It ruined a good game of footy,” he said.

SANZAR CEO Greg Peters said that there was a reasonable amount of security to monitor the 16 000 fans. “We understand there was about 90 security guards and these idiots were able to invade the pitch. In this instance it was a complete failure, that’s what needs investigating.

“It was extremely disappointing and unacceptable behaviour from a small group of idiots in what was otherwise a very good crowd. It’s not something we want to see in the game.”

Ironically, it’s been reported that the men involved in the Perth pitch invasion are actually Crusaders fans, and there were 25 of them that planned, or attempted, to take to the field.

Peters said that they would be investigating a full report from the Western Force.

On a more positive note, below is a compilation from the Force that shows some of the outstanding tackling that took place as they cut down the seven times champions.

Time: 2:47
Credit: westernforcetv
Note: The quality of the video is as incoming


  • cambridgeshirekid
    11:53 AM 18/04/2013

    I'd love to see a clip of him crying at the end too. Showed a whole lot of passion

  • cheyanqui
    6:26 PM 17/04/2013

    Unfortunately, nuance is generally lost on youth.

  • stroudos
    12:21 PM 17/04/2013

    I'd just like to point out a semantic clarification: Streaker = fun-loving entertainer who runs onto a sports arena naked, or at least topless for the ladies, for the general amusement of the crowd, most awesomely personified by Erica Roe and her massive bangers at Twickenham in 1982. Pitch invader = unfunny, dull, pathetic twat.

  • matt
    2:41 AM 17/04/2013

    That young second row they brought on, the "boy from the bush" as the kept calling him, put in some massive shots too. On the point of pitch invaders, I would like to see a compilation of them being taken down by players, I bet there are relatively few streakers when any of the Tuilagi brothers are playing.

  • ando
    12:43 AM 17/04/2013

    Typical bloody Kiwis!! :)

  • guy
    11:24 PM 16/04/2013

    Wow! They seem to have filled some pretty big defensive gaps with a few huge last grasp big hits. Quite impressive!!!!!!!!

  • stroudos
    11:03 PM 16/04/2013

    Wow, some immense tackling here, especially by blue 14 - what's his name, Stubbs? A real shame that these pillocks have distracted from this defensive display. This RD post should be "young Force winger tackles everything in sight". Probably his worst effort technically was the one where he just stood head-on to Robbie Fruean and absorbed the hit, but this was also the most impressive in commitment and putting your body on the line.

  • totesmcgoates
    10:16 PM 16/04/2013

    Aside from the conterversy, it's great to see the Force finally on the right side of a couple of points margin' Sounds like their security does have something to answer for though, there's probably a hefty fine in it for the franchise. Maybe one for the Crusaders as well if it turns out that the invaders were their fans.

  • drg
    8:22 PM 16/04/2013

    Hang them from the corners of the stadium!! Would act as a deterrent I guess... Lol...

  • elvis15
    6:40 PM 16/04/2013

    Sounds to me like the Crusaders shouldn't be blaming the security, they should be blaming their fans and being unable to breach the Force's defence.


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The Force upset the Crusaders with big defence amidst crowd control problems | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos