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Friday Oct 26, 2012

The Rugby Club Test Rugby Plays of the Year for 2012

The Rugby Club Test Rugby Plays of the Year for 2012

Yes, the year isn’t quite over yet but in terms of Australia’s home games are concerned, they’re a thing of the past. With that in mind the guys at the Rugby Club put together the Test Rugby Plays of the Year, featuring the best bits from recent months in Test rugby.

Yesterday we posted the Super Rugby Plays of the Season, so be sure to check that out too.

What was your favourite moment, and was it included in one of the two Plays compilations?


  • joeythelemur
    5:58 AM 30/10/2012

    Exactly my thoughts. The Pumas try was certainly better. Habana had several nice ones too.

  • sk101
    2:02 PM 28/10/2012

    Ah yes! My bad! But still a bit early to be putting up the plays of the year I mean the Autumn Internationals still have yet to be played

  • foxtrot
    1:28 PM 28/10/2012

    Yeah this was a rather bland and bare highlights package. They really could of put in a bit more effort into this one. There were far more worthwhile highlights than this 'plays' suggested.

  • pretzel
    11:36 AM 28/10/2012

    No idea how they can say that the Arg try was 3rd, NZ 2nd and Aus 1st... looked to me like Arg should be 1st, NZ 2nd and Aus 3rd.... I suppose home bias has to join in though...

  • 12:53 AM 28/10/2012

    Digby Ioane, play of the year? Rugby Club definitely the homer of the year.

  • paimoe
    8:09 PM 27/10/2012

    Wasn't that last year in the WC?


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