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Friday May 30, 2014

The Top 5 You're Kidding Me (Bloopers) moments

The Top 5 You're Kidding Me (Bloopers) moments

This week’s Top 5 from Rugby HQ was inspired by Nick Cummins’ howler of a clearance kick in last weekend’s Super Rugby match vs the Lions. That got the Fox crew thinking about some of the biggest ‘You’re Kidding Me!’ moments, so here they are.

Streakers always seem to get a bit of a laugh, and that was the case in Dunedin last year when a guy took to the field, only to be tackled by the Highlanders mascot, a giant cock. During the Super Rugby game against the Blues, AJ the chicken took matters into his own feathery hands.

“I noticed a streaker on the field and thought immediately, ‘This is no good, It’s our stadium and we’ve got to protect it’,” he explained after the match. “So I gave it my all, gunned it for the streaker and managed to chase him down.”

In 2011 the Wallabies thumped the Barbarians but as James O’Connor made a movement towards taking a conversion, Peter Stringer spotted the opportunity and swooped in. The ref allowed it, so off he trotted with the ball. Ireland weren’t as lucky against the All Blacks a few years later.

Next up on the list was that bizarre moment when the wind blew the ball all the way back over the tryline, and then there’s a look at Toby Flood charging straight into the uprights. Luckily he wasn’t seriously injured, and it’s a good thing those bits of padding hold so much sponsorship these days.

The number one clip is one that we’ve referred back to many a time over the years, including a few weeks ago when we featured a very funny chat with Munster legend, Donncha O’Callaghan. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth a watch, as is the classic moment featured here as number one.

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  • stroudos
    11:41 PM 31/05/2014

    Nice one Eddie, never heard of that one before. Good tackle as well. (I mean the way he stopped the big second row, not his genitals).

  • eddie-g
    9:43 PM 30/05/2014

    They missed the most audacious streaker in history. This bloke: What video doesn't tell you is this potential try-saving tackle happened right at the death, it kept Free State in the Currie Cup, and knocked Western Province out. Not so much a blooper... but a WTF moment for the ages.

  • danknapp
    9:13 PM 30/05/2014

    Aaaaah, it's good to have the real Sean Maloney back. This guy cracks me up. Right now the funniest guys involved in Rugby all seem to be coming from Australia.


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