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Tuesday Jun 11, 2013

USA Eagle Samu Manoa's huge hit on Peter O'Mahony

USA Eagle Samu Manoa's huge hit on Peter O'Mahony

It was one of those crazy rugby weekends as the Midyear Tours kicked into action and rugby fans were treated to Test rugby yet again. Over in the US the Eagles hosted Ireland in Houston, with this being one of the moments of the match.

Everyone has been talking about the Samu Manoa tackle on Ireland number eight Peter O’Mahony.

We’ve received tweets, emails, and even a WWE commentary version of it. The original commentary didn’t sound too dissimilar actually, as the Northampton Saints beast gave the Houston crowd plenty to get excited about.

He was called ‘Manu Samoa’ on more than one occasion, which seems to be a fairly common mistake, but soon Manoa will become a household name as his star continues to rise.

He was named Saints Players’ Player and Supporters Player of the Year in 2012/2013, and was recently picked to play for the Barbarians against the British and Irish Lions in Hong Kong.

Hailing from San Francisco, Manoa is of Tongan heritage, and is actually a nephew of legendary Australian number eight Viliami Ofahengaue, more commonly known as ‘Willie O’. So it’s in his blood, even though it took him a while to really get into rugby.

“I did rugby for a weekend thing, to have something to do and to stay fit, for fun,” Manoa says. “I was laying concrete with my dad, doing electrician work, chopping trees – you name it, I did it.

“Golden Gate wanted me to play for their Super League team and I got red-carded in my second game. I didn’t come back to rugby for four years, but my uncles kept pushing me.”

USA Rugby is the better for it, and now he’s becoming one of the biggest hitmen around.

“Hitting people is what I like. I don’t really mean to hurt them but whoever is in front of me I’m going to give you what I’ve got. I’m not scared of any player.

“Even if you’re bigger than me I’m still going to put a shoulder in. If I get bumped, I get bumped, but even if I go back, you aren’t going to run by me.”

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  • browner
    8:51 PM 15/06/2013

    Penalty to USA. Both irish 3 & 5 are forced to come in from the side because of the distance O'M travels ..... poor ref decision on that occasion, Samu's efforts unrewarded

  • 12:58 PM 13/06/2013

    Well said, many people group all Americans as narrow minded and arrogant, when ironically that is exactly how people appear when they make sweeping statements about entire populations.

  • 12:53 PM 13/06/2013

    hahahhahhahhahahahahahhahahahhaha, my God you are funny

  • 4:19 AM 13/06/2013

    I live in the States and was lucky enough to watch most Magners and Heineken games this Spring. Based on that, I CAN NOT STAND our rugby announcers, on the international level and at the collegiate 7's. Not to mention the camera angles make me seasick. And please, save it with the American showmanship crap. I see half of the backs in the Super15 dancing after they score. It might be the case with American Football and Basketball but you really don't see it anywhere else. It's the equivalent of an American watching European Football and saying, "Wow. These fairies dive, scream and literally cry when someone comes near them. Must be the same with all European sports."

  • stroudos
    3:04 PM 12/06/2013

    Yeah. Apart from we'll have to suffer a lot more showboating and "who da man" stuff.

  • stroudos
    3:03 PM 12/06/2013

    I think O'Mahoney was putting himself into the recovery position!

  • conorl
    8:13 AM 12/06/2013

    Hit the All Midyear Tours Highlights link and you'll find highlights of Canada v Tonga

  • 7:19 AM 12/06/2013

    1) brilliant tackle; just goes to show that you can do it legally and wrap, contrary to popular belief around here 2) sorry to be a spoil sport but north American commentary makes me cringe 3) big shout out to the canadian men's 15s, wins over Fiji and tonga within 4 days! Playing awesome rugby, any chance u can post something RD and show some love? 4) samu manoa has got to be one of the biggest hitters in World rugby, big mistake for the saints to play him outta position in the premiership 5) Somebody stop the damn match!

  • daveyjake
    3:04 AM 12/06/2013

    Does anyone else notice how far back POM flies right as he and Samu are heading to the ground? There's about a good yard of space between them! Props to POM for holding onto the ball and maintaining possession but you know he'll be feeling that "hug" from Samu for at least a week! As an American w/ Irish ties (who LOVES the Eagles and the IRFU), I can't help but smile after realizing that this past weekend, we set a Rugby attendance record for a match on American soil with over 20,000+ people! The only thing that could've made it better (aside from the Eagles upsetting Ireland [even though most of their starters are on Lions duty]) is if ESPN could've at least reported on it or given our Eagles a shoutout on SportsCenter!

  • mise
    2:18 AM 12/06/2013

    @themull gridiron without (many) pads or (many) stoppages would certainly appeal to at least some americans. Probably mostly high level college related still in US and Canada there - stand to be corrected? Are u in Oz still @themull? Getting to any of the Lions' games? Pity the commentators didn't spot how well O Mahony dealt with that, but sure they are only learnin........

  • themull
    12:49 AM 12/06/2013

    The best thing that could possibly happen for global rugby would be for America and Canada to really get the popularity at home for the sport to enable it to grow to its potential...If the USA can market the sport over there and really get kids wanting to play then there is no doubt that they could easily become one of the best teams in the world..

  • conorl
    11:41 PM 11/06/2013

    "Manu Samoa... Hello, Hello!!" Genius.

  • mastersa
    11:31 PM 11/06/2013

    It's a rarity to see such big hits that are as perfect and legal as this. Most are just shoulder charges. Even in slowmo it hurts. O'Mahony is no push over. USA are really coming on but would prefer that Cleaver didn't bitch at the ref so much.

  • lightning999
    10:24 PM 11/06/2013

    USA has formed a strong side, i know i know that Ireland missed it's biggest stars & all but still with the largest crow ever recorded in USA, with some big hits thanks to samu Rugby can grow in the land of dreams

  • poccio
    10:11 PM 11/06/2013

    i love how the first commentators' tongue slips and calls him Manu Samoa, it's like that's the international word for hard hitters!!

  • s_conner
    7:30 PM 11/06/2013

    That was great, but it was made all the more watchable for the Yankee Doodle commentary. I hope rugby can really kick on in the States, a couple of big scalps on the 7s circuit and at the world cup and things could take off nicely for them. CRUNCH

  • guy
    6:32 PM 11/06/2013

    Classic! Time for a new 'Try Savers & Rib Breakers'...

  • fitzy99
    6:29 PM 11/06/2013

    Great hit - I enjoyed that

  • danknapp
    5:59 PM 11/06/2013

    I love the American commentary. Couldn't face a whole game of it, but they crack me up. They always sound like they're having a blast.


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