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Tuesday Mar 5, 2019

We'll soon find out if Nigel Owens really did get this Ox Nche decision horribly wrong

We'll soon find out if Nigel Owens really did get this Ox Nche decision horribly wrong

Cheetahs prop Ox Nche will face a Disciplinary Committee via video conference on Wednesday after a Citing Complaint for an incident that took place early in the Pro 14 match against Leinster in Dublin on Friday. 

Leinster winger Fergus McFadden was taken out after he put a little chip in, and big Nche flew into him after pulling out of a charge down.

Despite multiple TMO reviews, referee Nigel Owens stuck with his initial call of only a yellow card, which appeared fairly puzzling as it looked like contact was made with the head.

He did, however, tell the Cheetahs captain that the prop was lucky it was not a red card.

A citing arose after he allegedly infringed Law 9.13 – A player must not tackle an opponent early, late or dangerously. Dangerous tackling includes, but is not limited to, tackling or attempting to tackle an opponent above the line of the shoulders even if the tackle starts below the line of the shoulders.

Additionally, the Nche has also been reported for infringement of Law 9.25 – A player must not intentionally charge or obstruct an opponent who has just kicked the ball.

Leinster went on to win the match 19-7.

Match highlights:


  • colombes
    2:01 PM 12/03/2019

    This video is a good summary of Nigel Owens. He didn't have the courage to correct his initial yellow card decision, and preferred to absurdly confirm his decision with unconvincing reasons. Egocentric stuff. Graces was not shy to transform a yellow in red card for good reasons. 

  • tommo19898
    10:34 AM 07/03/2019

    As referees, we are always advised to stop the clock, and take the time to separate the teams and call captains over to reflect on what we've seen, to make sure we've had the most amount of time to judge the right decision without a TMO. Nige's reaction was purely instinctual and without use of the tools available to him, which is why he got it wrong.

  • dotser88
    10:29 PM 06/03/2019

    THe fact that Nigel Owens calls over the captain after he’s already given the yellow and says is he is ‘very lucky it’s just yellow’ suggests he knew it was wrong call. Unfortunately Owens is getting a name for himself to try and look decisive all the time and now not using TMO correctly - shame as seems his ego has taken over. 

  • peetwindhoek
    10:22 AM 06/03/2019
    Top Comment

    Red card

    • rugbydump
      11:21 AM 06/03/2019

      It wouldn't have been a surprise if it was given. Predicting a two week ban


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We'll soon find out if Nigel Owens really did get this Ox Nche decision horribly wrong | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos