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Sunday Jan 13, 2019

'WWF or rugby' - Should this have been a red card?

'WWF or rugby' - Should this have been a red card?

Saracens flanker Schalk Burger got away with a potentially dangerous clear out at a breakdown against Lyon in the Champions Cup.

The former South African international appeared to lift a Lyon player above horizontal and roll him onto his head midway through the first half.

Former England and Fiji sevens head coach Ben Ryan said the incident was “better suited to WWF” and expressed his displeasure at the fact he was not penalised.

Last weekend Bath prop Ross Batty was given a straight red card for a similar incident in the premiership, but did both clear outs deserve the same punishment?


  • alasdairduncan3
    6:17 PM 14/01/2019

    Not similar incidents (the other one is a neck roll), but that was a pretty cynical tipping clearout.

  • colombes
    2:30 PM 14/01/2019

    Don't know what's worst: The ref ignoring a WWF technique in front of his eyes OR the ref ignoring saracens player who blatantly didn't release the ball during few seconds? Anyway, it's almost certain Burger will get away with it. We know how it works... 

  • pickay
    9:59 AM 14/01/2019

    "If that was in a tackle situation, it would be at least a penalty." Well, it wasn't in a tackle situation. If it was in a Greco-Roman wrestling situation, it would have been a straight win. If it was in a badminton situation, it probably would have lead to an ejection. 

    • katman
      2:12 PM 14/01/2019
      Top Comment

      Pffft... Badminton has gone soft.


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