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Thursday Mar 7, 2013

A look at the Top 5 clearance kicks gone wrong

A look at the Top 5 clearance kicks gone wrong

The Reds beat the Hurricanes 18-12 last weekend but a fluffed Liam Gill clearance kick could have changed the outcome of the game with time almost up. With that still fresh on the mind, here is a look at RugbyHQ’s Top 5 clearance kick bloopers.

Young Gill looked to relieve the pressure as he gathered the ball after the Hurricanes had overthrown at the lineout. A massive, heroic touchfinder was clearly on his mind, but instead he shanked it, gifting the visitors another crack at the line.

“It was a real blunder. I thought I’d cost the boys the game and wasted all our hard work,” said relieved flanker Gill, who will no doubt feature for the Wallabies later this year.

“I don’t even kick left-footed. Greg Holmes and Jake Schatz were into me in the dressingrooms about the karate kicking. No problems there. I’ve retired the left foot.”

The sliced kick went to the dangerous Julian Savea, who brushed off a few defenders (including Gill) before offloading to Conrad Smith, who was finally brought down by the Reds cover. A few phases later Gill redeemed himself with a solid tackle that forced a turnover.

Sean Maloney has put together a look at five must see, classic clearance kicks gone wrong. We’ve also included some others in the Related Posts below for your perusal.

Thanks again to the good folk over at Fox Sports. Catch RugbyHQ on Fox Sports 2 @ 8.30pm AEDT.


  • matt
    4:37 PM 11/03/2013

    I just happened to be watching this at the same time, it tripped my brain a little bit

  • upthelowend
    7:07 PM 10/03/2013

    Beat me too the punch! Was dreadful, almost painful to watch.

  • matt
    6:21 PM 10/03/2013

    Danny Care clearly saw this video and wanted to be involved

  • sankeor
    2:07 AM 09/03/2013

    1'26" : Falcoooon !

  • guy
    8:31 PM 08/03/2013

    How 'bout this one. Also featured somewhere on RD.

  • cambridgeshirekid
    5:10 PM 08/03/2013

    Did Cipriani muck up a few for england the other year? I remember someone having a mare.

  • paimoe
    5:46 AM 08/03/2013

    Yeah I love how they all laugh at each other as well

  • stroudos
    12:52 AM 08/03/2013

    Seriously I start laughing before these guys even say anything, especially Maloney.

  • moddeur
    12:08 AM 08/03/2013

    #3 is my favourite here. But my all-time favourite was in a match I played, in which our number 8 tried to kick from our 22m ... and the ball went backwards over his head.

  • mise
    12:07 AM 08/03/2013

    O Gara's most recent kick for Ireland.........

  • rugbydump
    11:38 PM 07/03/2013

    Here you go Lionel Beauxis - Look Ma, no hands!


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