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Tuesday May 12, 2015

A look back at some of Jonah Lomu's Best Tries at the 1995 Rugby World Cup

A look back at some of Jonah Lomu's Best Tries at the 1995 Rugby World Cup

In 1995 a young man by the name of Jonah Tali Lomu hit the 1995 Rugby World Cup with a bang, and the sport of rugby was never to be the same again. On Tuesday he turned 40, so to honour the great man we’re spending the week looking back at some of his best moments.

At 6ft5 and weighing over 118kg’s, then 20-year-old Lomu tore the tournament apart, only to be stopped for the first time in the final, by winners South Africa. Against England in the semi final he scored four tries, one of which was the famous trampling of poor Mike Catt.

Will Carling famously said post match: “He is a freak and the sooner he goes away the better”.

Lomu didn’t go away though, and went on to have an illustrious career, causing carnage more often than not. Today we wish him a very Happy 40th Birthday, and many more, and trust that you’ll enjoy this look back to where it all began for Lomu and his All Blacks career.

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  • larry
    4:11 PM 16/05/2015

    Yes, Lomu was in "beast" mode in that game against England. Yet James Small handled him in the WC final. Then four years later, either Bernat-Salles or the even shorter (5'7") Dominici marked him. That's the one game where Lomu's weakness was exploited: France's backs kicked the ball behind him, making him turn around and run back to cover, which he didn't do so well. And both those French wings scored tries in that match against New Zealand. Basically he was an 8 man or flanker playing out on the wing, though somewhat faster than the average loose forward. I wonder how he'd have done playing as a back-row forward, but then again at his time New Zealand had plenty of other flankers and 8s who were superb players.

  • jeri
    11:16 AM 13/05/2015

    The man that redefined the boundaries of a winger, and watching his videos on youtube never, ever, gets old

  • 3:28 AM 13/05/2015

    20 years ago? God I feel old. RD he also had some great 3/4 length of the field runs against Ireland and wales which were finished off by kronfeld. Lomu the greatest wing, power, pace, stepping and speed. He'd still dominate


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A look back at some of Jonah Lomu's Best Tries at the 1995 Rugby World Cup | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos