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Friday Dec 15, 2017

Brian O'Driscoll drops some serious defensive wisdom

Brian O'Driscoll drops some serious defensive wisdom

The guys over at BT Sport’s Rugby Tonight have put together this gem of a video, with legendary centre Brian O’Driscoll giving a brilliant break-down of defensive strategies.

O’Driscoll pays special attention to Sam Arnold, Munster’s third choice 13 at the moment.

Arnold was able to secure a Man of the Match performance on the back of what O’Driscoll labeled “different components to his defence.”

In particular, he highlights proper shoulder position that allows Arnold multiple options when facing attack.

It’s a great watch, both for those midfielders who are looking to tighten up their own defence, and those who are aspiring to be future 13s. 

Credit: BT Sport
Note: Video not available in all regions 


  •  im1

    Its good play (although should really be basics for any back at champions cup level). And if Arnold does that to someone a little sharper than Thompstone e.g. Jonny May, there is the risk that he gets burned on the outside....


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