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Monday Feb 25, 2013

Christian Labit's brutal high tackle on Christophe Dominici

Christian Labit's brutal high tackle on Christophe Dominici

This is a quick look at an incident from years gone by as Toulouse flanker Christian Labit took out Stade Francais winger Christophe Dominici with a horrific high shot.

Labit tried to protest his innocence but as you can see, Dominici was out for the count.

One can’t help but be reminded of a similar incident that took place in New Zealand in a few years back, when Counties Manukau’s Fritz Lee almost decapitated Luke Hamilton in the ITM Cup.

Thankfully neither player was badly injured in either incident, but both ‘tackles’ were quite spectacular to see, for all the wrong reasons.

Time: 1:27
Credit: elgringotrenteetun


  • alasdairduncan3
    12:45 AM 07/03/2013

    both 3 and 7 should have seen cards

  • browner
    2:01 PM 01/03/2013

    Tackles have been heading higher for years, referees aren't applying sanctions correctly. hense that's why it's happening Everything is moving northwards, tackling,mauling, ruck clearing ...all seeming to target around the neck / face area my unwanted PREDICTION is some serious injuries will result ... inevitable and the guilty will be .....all those who excuse the actions as ....."some sort or slightly misplaced genuine attempt" !!!!!!!

  • paimoe
    9:58 PM 25/02/2013

    Bit high


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