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Thursday Sep 6, 2012

Clermont Auvergne beat Perpignan in high scoring try-fest

Clermont Auvergne beat Perpignan in high scoring try-fest

Clermont hosted Pepignan for one of the more bizarre, and entertaining, games of the weekend in the French Top 14 last Saturday. A total of eleven tries were scored as Clermont took the 53-31 victory in front of their home fans.

The hosts’ win meant a third successive defeat for Perpignan this season, despite the Catalans having managed to score four tries on the road.

Clermont scored seven, with Julien Bonnaire crossing twice, while Morgan Parra, Noa Nakaitaci, Loic Jacquet, Elvis Mermeulen, and Benson Stanley all scored good tries. 

Things got worse for Perpignan after the game as they now have to deal with significant injury losses. Veteran prop Nicolas Mas will be out for three to four weeks with a torn hamstring, while the man that replaced him, Kisi Pulu, went on to break his arm.

Pulu is ruled out until December, so they are now searching for a ‘medical joker’ to fill the void.

Flanker Jean-Pierre Perez ruptured his knee ligaments, so his season looks to be over after he underwent surgery earlier this week.

There were plenty of great tries scored, so while the quality of this video isn’t great, it’s worth seeing, especially for the pinpoint cross-kicks. Enjoy.


  • rugby08
    8:29 AM 09/09/2012

    It looks like Mafi the 12 slams his arm into his back, but we'll never know if that was on purpose or not.

  • reality
    7:06 PM 07/09/2012

    I thought Parra was a bit stupid to attack Mafi, but I actually enjoyed seeing him get destroyed, despite starting it and being helped by two other Clermont players.

  • moddeur
    8:18 AM 07/09/2012

    I'm not normally the first man to defend a scrum-half (I do like them, but they're often annoying and get in trouble a lot), but here it looks like the Perpignan defender slams his arm or fist or elbow or whatever into Parra's head - not necessarily voluntarily, more like a desperate attempt to stop the try being scored, but as a result I can understand why Parra isn't too happy.

  • 4:33 AM 07/09/2012

    They moved to uncontested scrums due to the injuries mentioned in the write-up. Great footy. Great tries.

  • darabman
    1:10 AM 07/09/2012

    What the hell was that excuse for a scrum at 5:23? I know they quite like their league down in Perpignan, but have they given up on the big boy's code completely?

  • lambchop1234
    11:37 PM 06/09/2012

    Great game and some cracking tries. That's is why I love the Top 14! Always produces quality tries!

  • 11:07 PM 06/09/2012

    Agree Parra was a goof for hitting that guy and he got treated like one too getting dumped on his back and eating a few. But what a game for #9 kicks creating tries, beautiful. That crossfield by the Perpignan 9 took big balls, but I love that kinda rugby. Parra, goof that he is, made a sublime kick to create a try and the perpignan guy a second chip over the top, gutsy rugby. Btw, the chiefs former prop should seemed to find it harder to break through the clermont defence from close in didn't he?

  • 79jk97
    8:57 PM 06/09/2012

    Morgan Para what a idiot for hitting that guy, you see it all the time yet he feels the need to lash out and ruin a great try. Foolish.


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