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Saturday Feb 2, 2013

England win Wellington Sevens after dramatic Cup Final with Kenya

England win Wellington Sevens after dramatic Cup Final with Kenya

England scored a late equaliser to take a thrilling Wellington Sevens Cup Final into extra time, and ultimately beat a numbers deprived, but spirited, Kenyan team 24-19. New Zealand beat Samoa to take third place.

Kenya were a prominent force on the second day of the IRB Sevens World Series as they beat South Africa 21-20 in a tense quarter final, then beat hosts New Zealand 19-14 to earn themselves a place in just their second ever Cup Final.

England beat a strong Samoan team 21-19 in their Semi Final, setting up what later became a highly memorable finish to another great tournament in New Zealand’s capital.

Kenya fell behind early but later led 19-12, tackling like men possessed and all but holding out if it were not for two yellow cards late in the game. England equalised with time up, taking it into extra time and setting up a sudden death scenario, with Sam Edgerley scoring the winner.

“The Kenyan team were incredible. It’s one of the toughest games I’ve ever played in. The physical limits were pushed beyond today,” added captain Mike Powell.

Kenya (56 points) now sit in second place on the overall standings, 21 points behind leaders New Zealand (77). England are in eighth place (37). France (51), Fiji (51), and Samoa (54) make up the rest of the top five. The next leg takes place in Las Vegas next weekend.


  • 6:46 AM 06/02/2013

    Wow what a tourney,hats off to the Kenyan coach he's got them living up to their potential, look out for them in Rio. Hope I get to see this tourney replay in Canada. Just came back from a NHL game and gotta say I enjoyed these highlights more

  • misterdavid
    5:36 PM 05/02/2013

    Re. the booing. In my opinion, the best rugby fans in the world are in Ireland (esp in Munster). Can you imagine for a moment them booing another team? Just wouldn't happen. Bad show NZ fans - leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

  • 1kiwi1
    6:09 AM 04/02/2013

    It always makes me laugh at how bothered people are by booing other teams, its all just for a laugh and to get under the skin of the other teams, harden up people.

  • facepalm
    10:43 PM 03/02/2013

    Yes it's so they can rest. I'm sure anyone who's ever played 7s will be able to empathise. I guess in some cases it may be to time waste, so perhaps it may be slightly unsporting.

  • macmurchu
    8:22 PM 03/02/2013

    Wow, not a popular winner there at all!

  • kettlerugby
    7:09 PM 03/02/2013

    Nice to see the crowd booing England...cheers NZ....idiots

  • reality
    10:31 PM 02/02/2013

    Is there some rule in sevens that states that instead of putting the ball down after you cross the try line, you have to walk around, wait until the opposition players get fed up of you and run towards you, and only then put it down? It seems quite unsporting to me.


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England win Wellington Sevens after dramatic Cup Final with Kenya | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos