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Thursday Aug 9, 2018

Epic video of backs destroying forwards will make you question everything

Epic video of backs destroying forwards will make you question everything

Long gone are the days of forwards dominating all before them. More and more backs are now as big – or bigger – than their forward counterparts and this incredible video shows us those physical specimens at their very best, as they aggressively take on the big guys.

Jonah Lomu gave us something we’d never seen before. Namely, a back who brilliantly combined speed and power and was capable of destroying everything in his path.

It’s not surprising then, that his exploits are all over this video. Since him, the game changed, and players the likes of Julian Savea, Nemani Nadolo, and Josua Tuisova are becoming more and more the norm.

They’re big, fast, and can run over just about anyone.

Of course, no video like this is complete without the Tuiliagi Brothers.

A number of our clips have been featured in there, and of course on here over the years. Who could forget Benson Stanley dominating George Smith, or Duane Vermeulen smashed by Andries Strauss. As well as many more classics, including Lomu at his very best

Just when you thought it was safe to be a giant forward who can bully the ‘little backs’, think again.

Sit back and enjoy 10 minutes of backs smashing forwards.

Credit: Offload Media


  • rugbydump
    10:55 AM 17/08/2018

    Here you go

  • 10stonenumber10
    5:03 PM 12/08/2018

    Benson Stanley is a freak of nature in defence. I can't remember ever seeing him knocked backwards in the contact area

  • canafrikaaner
    6:54 PM 10/08/2018

    @ 3:06... wtf?

  • finedisregard
    2:04 AM 10/08/2018

    A good big one is better than a good little one. Hookers used to be quite small too.

  • drg
    11:45 PM 09/08/2018

    Agreed, I think Lomu shook up the whole 'oh little guy, you're a 9, fast guy you're a wing, big guy you're a forward' sort of set up that really dominated the direction that players were perhaps forced to go down..

  • petersam
    2:58 PM 09/08/2018

    Number 12 is a backline position but has always been intended to be carried out like an additional backrower on defense (at least this is how the position was coached when I was growing up). I have seen more players successfully transition from 7 to 12 than from 7 to any other forward position and this video bears that out. What is frightening for us forwards is that, since Lomu, the number 11 position has increasingly been filled by such players too. He really changed the mould for that position at the top level and this video is effectively a homage to him in the sense that every big, physical winger dominating the gainline battle has come since him - none were around before. Again, this video bears that out. I don't know if I could identify any other player who has had such an effect on the way a position has been played.

  • dod
    2:56 PM 09/08/2018

    An interesting selection but you've missed a classic one where Scott Gibbs "met" Os du Randt on the Lions tour to South Africa in 1997 -


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