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Friday Jan 10, 2014

Friday Funnies - Sebastien Chabal as a fairy in new TV ad

Friday Funnies - Sebastien Chabal as a fairy in new TV ad

You probably wouldn’t say it to his face, but Sebastien Chabal is a fairy. The man once known as the Caveman, who was recently suspended for knocking out a player, has taken part in a TV ad that is sure to go viral, for the sheer bizarreness of it if nothing else.

Chabal, who plays for Lyon in the French second division, was banned for 3 weeks after he punched Agen’s Marc Giraud with one punch recently. The 36-year-old former France star lashed out at Giraud after he held onto his shirt at the breakdown. Chabal knocked him out with one punch.

He publicly apolologised for the incident but was given the three-week suspension after being leniently dealt with (yellow card) at the time. The incident clearly hasn’t affected his popularity though, and if anything it probably added to his fearsome reputation.

He made headlines again today for a slightly different reason though, as this currency conversion company TV advert sees him dressed up as a fairly… a currency fairy. The ad airs on UK TV soon and is sure to make rugby fans snigger whenever they see it. Your thoughts?

Update: You can now view some outtakes from the ad on page two

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Some amusing outtakes from the TV advert


  • ronan
    10:24 PM 13/01/2014

    kick his ass seabass!!!!

  • 9:38 PM 11/01/2014

    French have always been good at advertising...

  • drg
    1:04 PM 11/01/2014

    Fairy or not, still wouldn't particularly want him running at me!

  • upthelowend
    11:32 PM 10/01/2014

    Oh SeaBass, what has the world come to? ...still, paints him in a more jokey and appealing light than ever i've seen him!

  • danknapp
    10:56 PM 10/01/2014

    Am I high?


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