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Friday Jul 24, 2015

Friday Funnies - Sona Taumalolo fend looks like a right hook

Friday Funnies - Sona Taumalolo fend looks like a right hook

Tongan prop Sona Taumalolo certainly stretched the boundaries of the law against Fiji last weekend. The former Chiefs prop, who now has grown out his hair and looks almost unrecognisable, attempted to fend a Fijian player, but appeared to do so with his fist.

The commentry team were shocked, as were onlookers in Suva, just minutes after Fiji had scored the sensational try that we saw here on RD yesterday. Taumalolo appeared frustrated, swinging out at the opposition from an almost standing start.

While hand-offs are legal and in fact a huge part of the game, this could easily have been called up for foul play, especially if he had connected. Law 10.4 (Dangerous Play and Misconduct) (a) states: Punching or striking. A player must not strike an opponent with the fist or arm, including the elbow, shoulder, head or knee(s).

Some might say that if you slow it down, it was actually an open hand, in which case Law 10.4 (m) could also be applicable: Acts contrary to good sportsmanship. A player must not do anything that is against the spirit of good sportsmanship in the playing enclosure.

As it was, nobody got hurt and referee Chris Pollock missed it, or decided to let it go, so we’ll categorise it as funny rather than dirty. Taumalolo was lucky though, so hopefully doesn’t try that one again. View more of him in action in the Related Posts.


  • drg
    10:00 PM 25/07/2015

    I remember at school there was a law (or made up rule) that you weren't supposed to push your hand into someone... Hard to describe, but if you run and your arm is stiff and it hits someone then that is ok. If you run and your arm is bent and it hits someone then you push them whilst connected, then that is fine... But if you run and basically do this (or what this was trying to be) which is push your arm into someones face then that isn't ok... Like I said, kind of awkward to explain and mayb e it's a made up school law, or schoolboy level law, but I don't see much of a problem with it, especially if it stops what this could have been...

  • finedisregard
    9:28 PM 24/07/2015

    Not the 1st, nor the 100th time I've seen a Tongan guy use the super fend-off!

  • elvis15
    5:09 PM 24/07/2015

    If that was a fend, then it was the worst technique I've ever seen.

  • boybath
    3:18 PM 24/07/2015

    I asked this exact senario last week on the IRB refs forum Hand-off: An action taken by a ball carrier to fend off an opponent by using the palm of the hand. Important bit is that it is the palm of the hand and it is not striking an opponent.

  • jimmy23
    3:10 PM 24/07/2015

    If that was me on the receiving end and it connected, my head would have ended up in the stands.

  • stroudos
    2:26 PM 24/07/2015

    Some neat bobbing and weaving by the Fijian player there!! Saved this silly fat bastard from a certain ban I suspect.


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