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Friday Jun 28, 2013

George North apologises for Genia taunt in first Test, PLUS new Lions shirts

George North apologises for Genia taunt in first Test, PLUS new Lions shirts

Young British & Irish Lions winger George North has apologised for the finger pointing taunt he made when scoring that incredible try in the first Test against the Wallabies. Coincidentally, we happen to be launching some new shirts featuring him today.

The big winger scored an amazing try in Brisbane but the excitement clearly got the better of him on the way to the tryline as he stuck his finger out to taunt the world’s best scrumhalf, Will Genia.

The incident was largely overlooked by Lions fans, but in recent times we’ve seen players like Delon Armitage take an awful amount of abuse for doing something similar.

Twenty one year old North realised that it may have caused offence, and has opted to apologise, saying that he feels ‘horrendous’ for doing it. “I got caught up in the emotion of the try,” he said.

Aside from that hiccup, North has been a star so far, with that try no doubt set to go down as one of the best ever scored on a Lions tour.

We’ve brought out new shirts for Lions hungry fans, celebrating the great effort from the young man, as well as supporting the team that we know so many of you feel extremely passionate about.

The message for the Lions now appears to be quite simple – get the ball to North.

We’re also acknowledging flyhalf Jonny Sexton, who has been solid and will be key in the 2nd Test.

You can get the new shirts, as well as many others, in the Rugbydump store today

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Credit: rugbymedia


  • stroudos
    2:45 AM 29/06/2013

    The problem is it was such a beautiful try and as such it really needs to be included in compilations, tour summaries, tribute videos, all of that stuff - and he's ruined the whole thing with a half-second of stupidity. It's a sequence of play that should be embedded forever in the rugby archives but it just leaves a sour taste in the mouth on every viewing, when all you want to do is celebrate an awesome exposition of rugby. Damn you George North for spoiling it for yourself and your legions of adoring fans - well done on the apology, but I daresay it will still feel a bit embarrassing years later when you show your kids.

  • stroudos
    2:38 AM 29/06/2013

    I don't know, he looks pretty humble in this clip - and this is in the immediate aftermath of the game, not after three days of media coaching from the team spin doctor...

  • stroudos
    2:33 AM 29/06/2013

    Mate, I think you're on a different time zone to the majority of posters here, but for nobody to have "liked" this comment yet is ridiculous!

  • bnations
    10:45 PM 28/06/2013

    Then watch it again. Folau looks right at Sexton as he starts his dive and again when he starts the throwing motion.

  • thezeboflick
    7:15 PM 28/06/2013

    to be honest, im not sure Folau was throwing the ball AT Sexton, i reckon he was just chucking the ball away like many players do after scoring.

  • cheyanqui
    6:27 PM 28/06/2013

    If I wanted to see a dick move like that, I would have watched a video of Peter North. Glad to see George apologize, and bring the game back to the 20th century.

  • macmurchu
    4:26 PM 28/06/2013

    Yeah but Armitage is a douchebag, a few clips of him on RD before about foul play so we have a s***ty image of him & when he taunts & goads he comes across bad. North is a gentleman!

  • 2:59 PM 28/06/2013

    Yeah man Mike Phillips is way better. Not.

  • thomasjack399
    2:42 PM 28/06/2013

    Takes a big man to apologise and he seems pretty genuine.

  • themull
    2:38 PM 28/06/2013

    Really no big deal..So what he celebrated and taunted a bit....I think the fact that Genia didn't even care about it speaks volumes about how moany rugby fans and press are becoming...

  • 2:22 PM 28/06/2013

    I didn't like when Armitage did it in the Heineken and I didn't like when North did it here, you have to admire however the way he's dealt with the interview and how humbly he was in apologizing, fair play to him. As for the try...speaks for itself really!


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