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Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

Highlights from days one and two of the 2011 South Africa Sevens

Highlights from days one and two of the 2011 South Africa Sevens

Port Elizabeth hosted the South African leg of the HSBC World Series Sevens with two days of great rugby being played at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

The Cup Final featured hosts South Africa up against New Zealand, and was a classic with a dramatic finish. Highlights of both days of action are shown, presented as a playlist with two videos. If you only want to see the final days play, hit play then navigate via the menu button.


  •  uhtiger
    10:34 AM 15/12/2011

    Declan is on the Chiefs roster for 2012, just depends on whether he can force his way into the team, they've got an excellent looking backline.

  •  jeri
    9:54 AM 15/12/2011

    I love watching both 7's and 15's, and can't wait to watch 7's rugby in all its Olympic glory with my mates.

  • 4:52 AM 15/12/2011

    Many of you will find this blasphemous, but I find 7's more consistently entertaining and dramatic than the 15 man game. Btw, big up to the Cdn Women winning the Challenge Cup in Dubai. Rio here we come!

  • 8:16 PM 13/12/2011

    Yes Cecil Afrika is something else - could find a way out of a corner. Anyone remember the Snelling Sevens? Saw Barry John when young dance through everyone in about 1970. Everyone was grabbing fresh air behind him.

  •  hry
    7:03 PM 13/12/2011

    Frank Halai and Declan O'Connell need to be seen in Super Rugby. Afrika's try against France was something else. Tied Bouhraoua in knots there.

  •  ulsterjoey
    4:58 PM 13/12/2011

    Great Fiji handoff at 3:58! 48-0 is a crazy result though, gj Wales

  • 3:09 PM 13/12/2011

    I wish too - could have watched it pirated live on my computer, but did';t, since I thought it would only go one way - should have put a quid on it.... : ) now I am not saying.....

  •  jeroz
    3:05 PM 13/12/2011

    wait, what!? I demand a highlight!

  • 12:10 PM 13/12/2011

    Mad result for Wales against Fiji in the Plate final, 48 nil. Bonkers result. Somebody pinch me!


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