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Tuesday Apr 17, 2018

Jaguares' Ramiro Moyano runs over three Rebels to score

Jaguares' Ramiro Moyano runs over three Rebels to score

The Jaguares claimed an impressive victory in Melbourne on Saturday night, with winger Ramiro Moyano producing this powerful try as he was somehow able to bump three defenders out of his way – all at the same time.

With the Jaguares on attack, the ball was swung out to Moyano giving just enough time for Tom English, Michael Ruru and Dayle-Haylett-Petty all to converge for what should’ve normally been a routine tackle.

Alas, all three appear to have fallen asleep at just the right moment. 

Moyano was not to be denied and lowered his head for his best bowling ball impersonation. Not even a fourth Rebel defender could bring the winger down. 

Nicolas Sanchez failed to convert but was on target in the last 10 minutes as he added the conversion on the back of Bautista Ezcurra’s try to complete the come-from-behind win over the second team in the Australian table.

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  • gonzoman
    8:54 PM 23/04/2018

    Actually if he were French, he would have gotten the ball 3 phases later after the 10 passed back into a flanker who formed a maul, then the ball came out to the scrum half who passed it down the line to the right before a French flanker ran a dummy and switch with the full back, who then got tackled only for the ball to be picked up by the French loosehead, who recycled ball quickly before the other half of the French team passed it down the line in the most complicated fashion possible before passing it to the winger who ran through three players to score... Either that, or they turned the ball over because a miscommunication between the 9 an 10 resulted in a knock-on from an easy pass, which the opposition took 90m downfield to score...depends on the French team, and even then it depends on the day! Both scenarios result in a citation and ban! :)

  • joeythelemur
    7:54 PM 23/04/2018

    This is more "Keystone Kops" than it is "Lomu vs the English." ????

  • moo
    7:49 PM 23/04/2018

    If he were French, the orange player would be cited for leading with the head.

  • jimmy23
    9:03 AM 23/04/2018


  • 10stonenumber10
    4:01 AM 23/04/2018

    I agree/disagree. Had they/he/she gone higher/lower/forwards/backwards/left/right, or even up up down down left right left right B A, this offside/card/try/tackle would have been a card/disallowed for a lineout/22/scrum/penalty. The coach/captain/fans/Richie McCaw offside/opposition/reset scrum is at fault due to World Rugby/Grassroots/referees/money/Chris Ashton. HIA protocol sin bin blood replacement knee injury handbag fisticuffs. Having covered 99% of potential discussion topics... can we stick to the point and give Moyano his dues for a highlight that will be spun on repeat on Argentine Rugby coverage for the next 20 years? In 6 pints time he will have scored from "40yds out carrying 5 defenders"

  • 11:15 PM 21/04/2018

    At 00:15, Blue 15 takes out Blue 13, gifting Orange the try. When they defend like this, it is unsurprising that Australian teams are currently on a 35-game losing streak against NZ teams in Super Rugby.


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