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Sunday Jan 14, 2018

James Haskell facing ban after flying into Jamie Roberts' head

James Haskell facing ban after flying into Jamie Roberts' head

Wasps flanker James Haskell has publicly apologised for the brutal tackle on Jamie Roberts that earned him a straight red card late in their Champions Cup clash with Harlequins. With Haskell off the field, ‘Quins snatched a dramatic 33-28 victory. 

Haskell flew into Roberts in midfield, mis-timing the challenge slightly but certainly going in too high, resulting in his shoulder making contact with Roberts’ face. After viewing replays, Referee Romain Poite was left with no option but to give the England flanker his marching orders. 

He will face a disciplinary hearing this week, and is at risk of missing the start of the Six Nations. 

Roberts went off for a Head Injury Assessment (HIA), with both players shaking hands as they left. 

Haskell also made a frank apology on social media, directed at both Roberts and the Wasps fans. 

Roberts responded, reassuring fans that he is okay and giving Haskell some handy advice. 

Wasps’ Dai Young is realistic about the upcoming ban, which will rule Haskell out for a few weeks. 

“There was certainly no intent, he just tried to get off the line to shut the pass down. There wasn’t much wrong with the timing. It’s where the shoulder makes contact and that will determine whether he gets banned or for how long.

“His track record should go in his favour, but only time will tell. James is really disappointed. He stood up and apologised to the player straight away.”

To further compound matters, Halequins’ James Chisholm then crossed for the winning try.

“I think it’s over for us now. I said we had to win both of these last two games and probably needed nine points. Two points here isn’t enough,” said Young.

View the incident below, and match highlights under that


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  • weejockmcplop
    9:10 AM 02/02/2018

    Big hit, not malicious just lacking a little technique. But these days with the focus on head injuries, Rugby is trying to eradicate these from the game. Good to see that Haskell's apology and Roberts' reply showing two guys recognising these things happen

  • tphillipsstl
    5:44 AM 17/01/2018

    Apparently Haskell has no track record for this kind of thing, and I take his word that it was not intentional. But it was quite reckless. Going in that high - his feet left the ground! - regardless of intent, should always result in a ban.

  • dancarter
    2:56 PM 16/01/2018

    I think Haskell will be warming a seat in the stands regardless of any ban.

  • mortdecai
    9:49 AM 16/01/2018

    @45678 I was at the game. Haskell apologised in person to Roberts as he walked off for his HIA.

  • 45678
    1:42 PM 15/01/2018

    Roberts reply shows class I hope players make these apologies in person before making lazy twitter statements

  • musoyama
    8:14 AM 15/01/2018

    Both Haskell's feet in the air at point of contact. Reminded me a little of Hogg's hit on Biggar. I think someone will be warming a seat in the stadium during the 6N.

  • drg
    8:42 PM 14/01/2018

    I'd assume the comment was rather based on "hurt you in a manner that could jeopardise your game next week/month/year" as opposed to "hurt you this game"... We all set out on Saturday to 'put the hurt' on someone, but as far as I'm concerned I don't set out to ruin someone's Tuesday onwards... If I can make someone hobble for the day/night then alright... But I'm not interested in ruining someone's playing career nor their employment career...

  • thedoctor
    6:28 PM 14/01/2018

    Nice hit for League

  • heavyhooker
    5:18 PM 14/01/2018

    Just save the "I did not mean to hurt you BS." You engaged in a reckless, zero form, crappy tackle technique that time and again results in penalties of various forms and multiple head injuries. Your technique says "I don't care if I hurt you". Give this dolt a multi-week ban than makes him miss the 6 Nations and maybe these professional apes will learn to play rugby again. But I doubt it

  • drg
    5:17 PM 14/01/2018

    I know Haskell looking like a block isn't exactly news, but he certainly just looks like a bit of a lump and when the hit comes his face is turned away, he probably did think he was just going to tackle Roberts, not hit him in the jaw with his shoulder. Also good man for sticking around after the hit and not running back whilst protesting innocence... As much as he plays being a knob, he certainly does strike me more as a traditional rugby lad and not someone that is too caught up in the business of rugby...


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