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Tuesday Mar 26, 2013

Jerry Collins claims physical threat from gang following Japan arrest

Jerry Collins claims physical threat from gang following Japan arrest

Former All Blacks hardman Jerry Collins has been held by Japanese police since March 17th following his arrest for carrying knives into a department store in Hamamatsu, Japan. It has since emerged that he felt he was under threat from a Brazilian gang.

In a bizarre and unfortunate turn of events, Collins walked into an upmarket department store, laid two 17cm knives down on the counter, and waited for police to arrest him. Over twenty arrived after the first police officer reportedly saw how big Collins was, and called for backup.

“They just walked him out of the shop normally, but there were 30 police surrounding him so it created a big scene,” said the store manager, who added that Collins went peacefully.

The 32 year-old All Black star, who has been playing rugby for Yamaha Jubilo club, has been detained at the local police station. A few days back he was visited by New Zealand TV show Campbell Live, who were able to get inside and have a brief chat with him.

He told the show that he feared for his life after he was being chased by a gang that reportedly disliked foreign rugby players being in their city, dating back to before Collins even arrived. He also said that he was extremely relieved to have been arrested.

While there has been speculation that his behaviour resembled that of someone dabbling in drug usage, he denied that claim and said that he has been tested and came out clean.

In Japan it is illegal to carry knives bigger than 15cm without police permission, so he could face up to two years in prison and a fine, or if classified as a sword/s, he could face up to three years.

His lawyer aims to dispute all potential charges and arrived in Japan with letters and character references from the New Zealand Rugby Union, family, friends, churches, and community leaders.

“Just to identify for the authorities that this man, who is of course so well known as an All Black, also has so many other qualities, has provided so much to the community, to young people,” lawyer Tim Castle, who aims to have Collins freed from custody this week, said “It’s important that the authorities who may not know these things receive that kind of information.”

In Japan police can hold suspects for up to 23 days without charge. Collins’ contract with his club is due to expire on March 31, and they have said that they know nothing of his fears or mental state.

Below is the complete video report from Cambell Live on 3 News New Zealand

UPDATE: Collins has been released and fined Y150,000 (NZ$1900)

“The authorities in Japan have accepted that this was a minor indiscretion, and that there were extenuating circumstances for the possession, and that there was neither sinister nor threatening purpose,” said his lawyer, Tim Castle, who flew to Japan to oversee his release.

Time: 12:23
Credit: 3 News NZ


  • lilmsrocker
    1:10 PM 01/05/2013

    Athletes being hated on for whatever nothing new!.......Neither are disrespectful some of those above.......You only need to know one personally or have a family is an athlete who finds themselves in a life threatening situation as Jerry take it as serious as it actually is....I know JC VERY WELL....there is NO Paranoid schizophrenia...There are NO Loose Screws......There were NO Drugs....Nor is he a stupid man...I take offense to the comments above.....As he has been a hard working man and loyal to his chosen career....For everyone to doubt him 1st, right off the bat......shows a lack of empathy, and total disregard to the truth......Easier to believe he is a nutter than to think some Brazilian Bully could do any wrong eh?...Well ya know what?.....You cant keep a GOOD MAN DOWN.....He'll be back!....and for the rest of you....You have no idea what road you would take if you were out numbered by men hunting you down with knives....over something as pathetic as a "SPORT".....Human Beings like that should be Feared far and wide!....No One is safe with the likes of that walking amongst us!........Know That!....When Jerry is ready........MAYBE you will hear what happened from his own mouth.....until then, it might not hurt to Shut Yours!

  • drg
    7:27 PM 29/03/2013

    Very strange. Admittedly, and it is very wrong of me to assume, it sounded like he somewhat lost his marbles... Very worrying, and I hope if he is in danger (from a gang) then he is helped out, or if he has got a screw thats worked its way loose that it then gets tightened up again. Best wishes and goodluck JC

  • brawnybalboa
    2:36 AM 28/03/2013


  • browner
    9:03 PM 27/03/2013

    Hey Brawny, what's a Brail-izian gang ? , do they rub their fingers over you until you give them your cash ! LOL

  • browner
    8:57 PM 27/03/2013

    Firstly, it wasn't knives ...... JC was in possession of another offensive haircut Secondly, My girlfriend has has some prickly experiences with a nasty Brazilian in the last week , but she hasn't opened up for the media to cast their eye over her private affairs x Ruggarbestwishes2u JC

  • thekorocle
    7:09 PM 27/03/2013

    The blog actually says the story is NOT it's possible.

  • facepalm
    6:38 PM 27/03/2013

    Until you know exactly what has happened, I'd be pretty careful about labelling him a criminal/ a junkie/ psychotic.

  • brawnybalboa
    5:28 PM 27/03/2013

    That article really says bugger all about Jerry Collins and the alleged Brailizian gang. It just talks about the semi legalisation of the Yakuza. Collins however has now paid a fine and been released. There must be something behind it all as I cannot see someone intentionally getting arrested in that manner for no reason (assuming no Psychosis). Personally I have always wondered about the safety of professional sports players compared to politicians and celebrities who have sizeable security parties, most sportsmen tend to go about their every day life in public without protection. It has been reported in the past how a football player (Giovanni Moreno) was threatened at gunpoint by a fan threatening to kill him if he played poorly, an american football player (Sean Taylor) got killed by a gang he refused to have contact with. Although these are isolated events, sometimes I feel professional sportsmen are vulnerable to high level organised crime

  • guy
    9:38 AM 27/03/2013

    April Fools Day, anyone?! Don't believe a word of it, looks like a complete spoof.

  • danknapp
    7:42 AM 27/03/2013

    It was Barnstaple. He then appeared for the Baa-Baas, wearing Barnstaple club socks. You can see a shoddy recording of an interview done at the time here:

  • 1:34 AM 27/03/2013

    Always really liked JC, hard player but fair. Remember reading about him playing for a welsh club side on a whim, really impressed with his humble ways. I worked in mental health for a couple of years and have witnessed a number of people deal with mental health breakdowns and I have to say, that's what appears to have happened here. The mysterious gang? Carrying knives? Feeling relieved to have been arrested and in custody? The profuse sweating and unstability? The fact he's still been hanging around without a contract? It all points to some sort of psychosis for sure. Too bad, I hope JC gets the help he needs.

  • hendogo
    11:57 PM 26/03/2013

    Sounds a little fishy to me. He couldn't just go to the police and request help? Why would you risk jail time just to get help. Drugs seem to be the answer here, or just stupidity.

  • macmurchu
    7:42 PM 26/03/2013

    Have to love the toughness of the Japanese police, just like in Jackass when Party Boy started acting the maggot

  • colombes
    7:25 PM 26/03/2013

    Very weird events..... I didn't know JC as a fragile block (like someone said above) Too soon to make any conclusions in this affair The last rugbymen police problems, it was because some alcool excess (Care, Phillips, Bastareaud, Guilford, Powell...) More dramatically, Marc Cecillon (former french player) shooted his wife after years of aloolism...

  • stroudos
    5:52 PM 26/03/2013

    Shocking. Jerry Collins is only 32?? Can't believe it, seems like he's been around for decades.


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