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Tuesday Mar 22, 2016

Johnny Sexton blasted by fans and players for playacting

Johnny Sexton blasted by fans and players for playacting

Ireland flyhalf Johnny Sexton has felt the full wrath of the media and fans, but more significantly current and former players after his playacting against Scotland on Saturday. Sexton was flipped illegally, but his football style theatrics did not go unnoticed.

Scotland centre Alex Dunbar flipped the Irish number ten over in a dangerous manner, but the way that Sexton reacted to it is what has annoyed so many.

Most agreed with the decision to yellow card him, although former England captain Mike Tindall had a different take on it, saying: “Sometimes this game annoys me, penalty I could have lived with there but it’s not a yellow especially with Sexton’s play acting”

Sexton hit the ground, appealed to the referee and then held his head, even though he clearly didn’t land on it. A yellow card was the result, but Sexton’s actions have copped him a lot of flak.

As soon as it happened, Scotland scrumhalf Peter Horne could be heard telling referee Pascal Gauzere “He’s milking it”, while off the field, the condemnation continued on twitter.

Since then, Ireland teammate CJ Stander has said that there is no way that someone like Sexton would fake injury. “He’s a tough player and he will never milk a penalty like that.

“I’ve got massive respect for him. It’s not something he will do. If he’s injured, he has to sit down, and it happened. He always gets marked and it’s tough on a player like that because he always gets the big tackles, after the ball.. This is rugby, you don’t milk it – if you have an injury, you lie down.”

Former professional player Liam Toland also defended Sexton, from an interesting angle.

“I would certainly forgive him for his act. If anyone in northern rugby has an entitlement to throw his hands up and have a tantrum it is him. He has been absolutely brutalised in the Six Nations.”

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  • finedisregard
    11:42 PM 23/03/2016

    You are a coward if you appeal to the ref. You are a coward if you feign injury. I'm done with you Sexton!

  • colombes
    1:09 PM 23/03/2016

    Regarding his past attraction to Bastareaud forehead and shoulder, maybe.

  • drg
    10:03 AM 23/03/2016

    Always suspected Sexton was part French? :P

  • 1:36 AM 23/03/2016

    Perhaps he is hoping to fully fill the O'Gara role. So fans around the world can bet on who will hit him first and how many seconds it will take. I often bet on someone from his own team.

  • drg
    12:55 AM 23/03/2016

    Stupid move by Dunbar, weaker move by Sexton. Play acting is disgusting!!

  • reality
    12:22 AM 23/03/2016

    I really don't want you to be right, but it's difficult to argue with what you're saying.

  • amadahn
    10:25 PM 22/03/2016

    the hypocrisy of the game's culture is yet again on the stage - up there with the "gypsy boy", knowingly raking a guys head, blindsiding players. Rugby is no longer a joy anymore - so up its own fucking arse - and to be honest the standard of the 6 nations just gone was downright crap - again. It has been heading for its own unique "wendyball" culture for some time - more like nigeball these days.

  • hellraiser_rob
    9:03 PM 22/03/2016

    'after 5 games of being illegally targeted by the opposition in every game' Targeting a perceived weakness in a team is not illegal. Have you seen how much traffic big George Ford gets down his channel? Yes he got a cheap shot against the French, but then when don't the French give out a few cheap shots...

  • guy
    8:12 PM 22/03/2016

    Meh...can't agree with you. At all. The only reason why Sexton did what he did was because he chose to do so. Surely he has been targeted the whole tournament and off course there might have been inconsistencies in refereeing. But that can neither be a reason nor justification for a) taking matters into your own hands or b) start playacting to get the referees attention. He's completely responsible for his own actions.

  • vladimir
    7:48 PM 22/03/2016

    My thoughts exactly.

  • danknapp
    5:09 PM 22/03/2016

    Hi Jesus, long time fan, Firstly, I'd disagree with your eloquent dismissal of those who called him on his behaviour as being 'rent a mouth losers', given that these are his peers in professional rugby who have a sound understanding of the culture of the game at the top level. Secondly, you're right, there is no way of proving that he didn't have a massive, utterly debilertating neck spasm shortly after throwing his hands up. Perhaps the sudden upward motion of his arms as he appealed to the referee dislodged a nerve. I mean, his upper body (if not his neck) did hit the ground pretty hard when he was utterly destroyed by Dunbar. I mean, I might have been hurt too if someone had tossed me so casually to one side. #PrayforJohnny

  • sjaaks
    4:58 PM 22/03/2016

    Sexton has been a dick thoughout the match. Justice was well served when he got yellow. Even if he got brutalised, there's no excuse for acting like a little bitch the way he did. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.


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