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Monday May 22, 2017

Josua Tuisova blasts David Smith into next week

Josua Tuisova blasts David Smith into next week

Toulon edged Castres in Top 14 playoff action over the weekend, with one of the biggest talking points from the match being when Toulon winger Josua Tuisova brutally ran over opposing winger David Smith.

Leigh Halfpenny also dominated, with the boot, helping Toulon to a 26-22 victory.

Just before half-time, Olympic gold medalist Tuisova took a pass from Mathieu Bastareaud at almost full-tilt. Tuisova gained full steam and former Toulon winger Smith never stood a chance.

His challenge did, however, seem to slow Tuisova enough to allow the rest of Smith’s teammates to catch up for the tackle.

Tuisova is quickly getting a reputation as a monster of a runner and has even earned the nickname “Human Bulldozer”. He’s in good company too, with other brutes such as Bastareaud and Ma’a Nonu around him.

With such explosive power, these kind of carries are becoming a regular occurrence for him. He recently had an incredible few minutes that included a big tackle and two huge bump-offs against Bordeaux. You can see that in another video below this one.

As for Halfpenny, he scored 21 points – including a try – to help Toulon into a semi-final match against La Rochelle this Friday in Marseille.

Tuisova goes into beast mode against Bordeaux:

Credit: Rugby’O’Top


  • 12:27 AM 26/05/2017

    I hope your not a coach cuz your players are gonna catch knees to the head with that speed bump technique. George gregan used to wrestle guys to the ground

  • vladimir
    8:51 AM 25/05/2017

    Exactly! One of my junior coaches once said to us 9: 'pretend you aim for the legs, and just roll into protective position and trip him.'

  • lautarooo
    11:37 PM 24/05/2017

    this guy is a monster! if you notice on the second clip towards the end he single handedly puts two opposing players out of commission in the span of a few seconds

  • drg
    3:28 PM 24/05/2017

    Not a bad technique I suppose, especially if they're planning for and leaning into a big upper body smash...

  • iluvyomumma
    2:51 PM 24/05/2017

    Way too high, pretty poor tbh. As a scrum half, this happens to us all the time. You just have to drop at the last minute so they aren't ready for it and are off balance and fall over you

  • heavyhooker
    10:31 PM 23/05/2017

    Smith has some huge man jewels to just stand there and take the big man on. Definitely should get an attaboy for that.

  • elretornodeladiosa
    3:46 PM 23/05/2017

    David Smith is an heroe here. I'd like to know how to stop that bulldozer... I guess doing what Smith tried XD


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