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Sunday Aug 17, 2014

Magali Harvey scores Try of the Tournament contender vs France

Magali Harvey scores Try of the Tournament contender vs France

The Women’s Rugby World Cup Final between Canada and England kicks off shortly, so here’s a look at the unbelievable try that Magali Harvey scored in the semi-final against France. The flyer turned 24 just yesterday, and will be looking to celebrate in style in her country’s first ever final.

Canada have played in all of the Women’s Rugby World Cup’s, but had previously never placed better than 4th overall. Their victory over hosts France wouldn’t have been popular with the locals, but the manner in which Canada have played, and this try was scored, will ensure they have support in the final against England.

The two sides are evenly matched, having met in the group stages on August 5th, drawing 13-13.

This try is, dare we say it, Jason Robinson-esque, with that acceleration, balance and final step something to behold. As if sprinting 80 metres wasn’t enough, she then converted the kick too.

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  • stroudos
    1:47 PM 19/08/2014

    Cracking try. Almost a Robinsonesque side-step at full tilt. Awesome.

  • connachtman
    12:00 PM 18/08/2014

    A great tournament, I was cheering for Ireland & Canada from the pools, a great step forward for our sport. TG4 covered all games ( except final) in Ireland so good to see some TV coverage.. So get behind you local club/province etc and cheer on the Women at all ages.grades.

  • jimmy23
    11:38 PM 17/08/2014

    Go on England! JWC, Women's World Cup, now it's up to the men to bring it home next year.... Admittedly this is the first time I've properly watched any Women's games, some of the games were fantastic to watch. I think that slight amateurish side to it gives it a different kind of excitement to the one you get in the professional men's game. It's a shame that this will get hardly any attention from the media though, the England football side fail miserably in Brazil and it's all over the news! Also, what Dr. G said, none of this is meant to come across as patronising etc...

  • drg
    10:20 PM 17/08/2014

    Congratulations to the England women's team for the final win. Congratulations to Canada ladies for getting to the final! I find it quite amusing that in some ways the women's rugby is almost rugby at it's purest... There is obviously a lot of money and business involved, but for the most part; perhaps due to a lack of huge media coverage, it comes across as a game only the purists are interested in. Take the mens rugby world cup, you get every bloke in the land cheering for INGERRRLAND (and the other respective countries), even those that wouldn't have a clue what a rugby ball looks like and still claim a better tactic would be to stop passing it backwards and pass it forwards! Tell them there is a womens rugby world cup and yeh sure you'll get a few pervs that would no doubt get put on their arse by any one of the female players, but the majority will be watching the game for the enjoyment of seeing more rugby and lets face it, it's high quality stuff! It's the whole catch 22 thing, naturally it's good for the sport to have a big spotlight on it, but the more and more highlighted it gets the more and more scrutinised and prodded it can get. Apologies if any of the above comes across as patronising, condescending or carries any other negative energy, it is not supposed to.


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