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Sunday Jul 14, 2013

Montage of Amazing Lions Test series in Australia, plus WIN a 2013 Lions jersey

Montage of Amazing Lions Test series in Australia, plus WIN a 2013 Lions jersey

A week is a long time in world sport, as British & Irish Lions fans might already feel like the historic Test series win happened ages ago. Since then, Andy Murray has won Wimbledon, and this afternoon England won the first Test in the Ashes series.

So today we relive some of the magic of what was a fascinating Test series Down Under, one that is sure to be talked about for many years to come. We’re also giving away an official Lions jersey for your collection and to help you keep the celebrations going, as well as two supporters balls.

HSBC, official sponsor of the tour, did a great job throughout with a massive digital presence that brought fans closer to the action than ever before. The Lions Weekly slots and regular update videos proved popular as those that weren’t fortunate enough to get to Australia got to experience some of the vibe through the ambassadors that were down there.

Through our social media channels and the British & Irish Lions section here on RD, we hope that everything was covered, and you enjoyed the past month, no matter who you support.

Thanks to the help of talented Tim Freudenthal, we’ve got this montage to let you relive some of the emotion and great moments from three highly memorable Test matches. Enjoy!

NOTE: If it’s blocked in your country because of the music, you can try this link


To go with the video, we also have the giveaway, so to enter:

1 – Make sure you’re a registered Rugbydump member (registration is free, quick and easy)
2 – Leave a comment below telling us your Top Three Moments of the tour
Alternatively, you can tweet us @rugbydump to enter, using the hashtag #topthreemoments.

Terms and conditions:
•    This giveaway is open to UK residents only
•    The giveaway will run from 14 July 2013 until 23 July 2013 0:00 GMT.
•    Only one entry is allowed per person.
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British & Irish Lions Jersey giveaway – Terms and conditions:

 – This Giveaway is open to UK residents only
– This Giveaway is not open to employees of HSBC PFS, their family members, or anyone professionally connected with the giveaway.
– The giveaway will run from 14 July 2013 until 23 July 2013 0:00 GMT.
– Any entries received or processed after the closing date will not be accepted.
– Only one entry is allowed per person.
– The winner will be picked up randomly and announced on 25 July 2013.
– No cash or other alternative is available to the prizes.
– If the winner cannot be contacted within 24 hours of the prize draw, Rugbydump reserves the right to conduct another prize draw to determine a new winner.


  •  rugbydump
    4:30 PM 25/07/2013

    Thanks for all the entries. Winners have been picked and will be contacted shortly.

  •  mcurley104
    11:54 PM 23/07/2013

    1. George Norths try in the first test. 2. Paul O'Connell playing 20 minutes with a broken arm 3. Halfpennys kicking

  •  promprot
    11:54 PM 23/07/2013

    Dream team lions 2013 i'm french but they have a really good team congrats for lions tour 2013 epic ! And i want their jersey !give me!!!

  •  gazzer76
    10:59 PM 23/07/2013

    1. Being there for all 3 tests 2. Garlands bold, brave and correct selections. 3. Everything about the tour. The squads efforts, their behaviour, simply everything. Thank you British and Irish Lions for an absolutely amazing tour and thanks to Australia for being great hosts. Still flying high!

  •  rjball87
    10:00 PM 23/07/2013

    1. George North demonstrating his stunning Folau backpack for the AW13 season 2. Adam Jones walking out into the centre of the pitch after the lap of honour and standing there alone to soak up the atmosphere of the win 3. Corbisiero, Corbisiero, Corbisiero

  •  scarletsbeno
    8:52 PM 23/07/2013

    1. Norths virtuoso individual brilliance in his two tries. 2. Parlings ankle tap which was a series defining moment just like Justin Harrison's in 2001. 3. Richard Hibbard playing the 3rd test whilst being a knocked out and Johnny Fox Davies ability to prove the critics wrong after he replaced BOD in the last test . He showed his scarlet flair as he tore the wallabies apart. Also as Rhys Priestland said I wasn't shocked with foxy starting as he is one of the best centres in Europe.

  •  peacockpete
    7:14 PM 23/07/2013

    1.The Awesome scrumming from The Lions especially in the third test! 2. Folau's Incredible debut in the first test match. 3. The Dramatic missed kicks by Beale and Halfpenny which allowed for an insane third test match!

  •  plawford
    6:27 PM 23/07/2013

    1) George North lifting Israel Folau to evade the tackle. 2) Leigh Halfpennys constant kicking accuracy. 3) Geoff Parlings tap tackle on Mogg to save the try

  •  jonny_mckee
    6:16 PM 23/07/2013

    1) Israel falou's debut 2) George North Try in the first test 3) Sean O'Brien saying it as it is after the rebels game

  •  colepete
    6:16 PM 23/07/2013

    1. George norths finger point at will genia as he scored a beauty in the first test 2. The folau backpack as worn by george north in second test 3. The 80th minute in the third test when every lion on tour and at home celebrated the win

  •  rhys95
    6:09 PM 23/07/2013

    1. George's try in the first test 2. George carrying folau in the second test 3. Seeing Beale fall over to give the lions the win in the first test

  •  nbhaynes
    6:07 PM 23/07/2013

    Hard to decide from such a brilliant tour. 1: Genia's setting up Folau's try in the first test 2: The lions scrum in the third test 3: Norths power lift and drive of Folau

  •  15men_1cup
    5:57 PM 23/07/2013

    Well it's probably pointless in me filling this in seems as the competition is only for UK residents only and not Irish residents. You'd think a competition for British and Irish lions gear would be for all countries involved. Anyway, my three best moments: 1. George North throwing Israel Folau over his shoulder and carrying on playing as normal. 2. Israel Folau causing wreck in the first test with his two great tries. Great way to start your first international rugby union game with Australia. 3. As a Munster man, watching Paul O Connell in action with the lions. Even with a broken arm for the last 10 minutes of the first test he kept playing like the beast he is.

  •  markwatson1986
    5:40 PM 23/07/2013

    1. Got to be North skinning Genia and then giving him the Waggle finger! 2. The medical team getting Jamie Roberts back on the pitch 3. Hard to choose, but it might have to be edged by Leigh Halfpenny's performance. I don't mean his spellbinding kicking ability or skill in creating breaks and setting up tries. I mean his performance at 10 in the morning after the last test in a Wallabies top leading Jonathan Davies and a few 10 year old kids in a rendition of a One Direction song. Sir, you are all a man can be!

  •  diz
    5:37 PM 23/07/2013

    Top 3 moments of the tour: At number 3 its gotta be- George North carrying Folau like he was a bag of sand; Coming in @ number 2- seeing Mako Vunipola with the help of Sam Warburton fight back in the scrum in the 2nd test; But at number 1 it has to be- George Horwill's tears after the 2nd test, it showed how much the history of the Lions means to the South Hemisphere nations too.

  •  lloydj9
    5:16 PM 23/07/2013

    1. North dumptrucking Folau 2. Roberts' try 3. Hogg and Gray's monumental night out

  •  hodge92
    5:03 PM 23/07/2013

    top 3: George north's try in the first test Halfpenny's run in the 3rd test george north picking up israel folau in the second test

  •  wolonel
    12:08 PM 22/07/2013

    Top Three Moments: 1) George North's try in the first test 2) Folau's second try in the first test 3) Leigh Halfpenny's break and setting up North in the third test

  •  guyhilton10
    4:09 AM 21/07/2013

    top three moments: 1) big george north taking folau for a ride in the second test 2) beale falling over for the kick to win the game in brisbane 3) north's try in the first test

  •  robertrayner
    6:54 PM 20/07/2013

    1) Horwill's tears at the end of the 2nd test - realising it meant as much to the Aussies as the Lions 2) George North's first test try - should be in every sane lions fans top three 3) watching the first scrum of the third test and wanting to kiss whoever appointed roman poite

  •  alex_krik
    4:59 PM 19/07/2013

    1. George North & Izzy folau sensational tries in the 1st test 2. George North picking Folau up like a barbie doll, carrying him for some meters and smashing him to the ground whilst being brought down by a couple more Aussies 3. Jamie Roberts MAN TEARS when we won the series!!

  •  dragonia
    1:42 PM 19/07/2013

    Top 3 moments are: 1. George North's try in the first test 2. George North using Israel Folau as a ram and picking him and running with him. 3. Leigh Halfpenny counter-attacking in the 3rd Test

  •  drg
    4:47 AM 19/07/2013

    Oh it's quite alright my dear fellow, just don't let it happen again..

  •  ghutchins10
    6:19 PM 18/07/2013

    My top three moments of the 2013 Lions Tour of Australia are: 1. George Smiths return to the Australian test side 2. George North's solo try 3. Gatland's decision to drop BOD for the final test.

  •  euanmillar
    3:50 PM 18/07/2013

    1. George North switching the ball between the hands as he rounds the last man for his try in the 1st test, textbook stuff for the kids watching. 2. The immediate difference (which has almost gone unnoticed) that Roman Poite's officiating made to the flow of the 3rd test. 3. Maitland's try vs the Rebels.

  •  benhowell
    2:20 PM 18/07/2013

    1. Rugby played properly, the matches were intense and hard fought but immediately after the players from opposite teams were chatting and having a laugh together, especially in pre-test matches. 2. Alex Corbisiero not being selected for the original squad and scoring a Try in the third test. 3. That Try by George North.

  •  alexrp13
    11:40 PM 17/07/2013

    My top three moments: 1. Halfpenny and his wonderful kickings all over the lions tour 2. Folau getting carried by George North, amazing! 3. The incredible second time played by the Lions in the third tour

  •  specialk17
    10:24 PM 17/07/2013

    3. Folau in the first test. 2. Halfpenny's perfect 11/11 game. 1. Neil Jenkins getting hit in the face by the ball after it came back off the post v combined countries. Priceless.

  •  willowemj
    9:07 PM 17/07/2013

    Counting down: 3) Izzy Folau's debut, he will be decent for years to come 2) The Lions medical team, take a bow 1) North's try, as good as Robinson circa 2001

  •  louisejm
    4:55 PM 17/07/2013

    Mine would have to be: 1) The passion of both sides, exemplified by the tears in the eyes of Horwill and Beale in the first/second tests and the tears of the Lions at the close of the final test. 2) Leigh Halfpenny's try (and indeed his last gasp kick at the close of the second test, even though he missed it) 3) The second half of the final test, when it was very stressful viewing and looked like the Aussies might be about to catch up, before the Lions just took it up a level and smashed it. Absolutely immense.

  •  wreckithorwill
    2:07 PM 17/07/2013

    1) George North and his Izzy Folau- shaped backpack 2) Horwill showing what a gent he is with his post-final test speech 3) Actually pretty much the entire second half of the final test, rugby masterclass it was.

  •  doyrms
    12:49 PM 17/07/2013

    1. The final ass-woopin match 2. George North taking Felau for a little ride 3. Beale slipping in the first test ! Lol

  •  rhysburns
    10:18 AM 17/07/2013

    1- george "the beast" north carrying felau with him. 2- North's try when giving genia the finger (index) 3- beale's slips to take the first test

  •  boncyn
    6:06 AM 17/07/2013

    1 George North Try in the first test 2 Leigh Halfpenny's first class kicking throughout the tour 3 The awesome scrummaging of the lions pack in the third test

  •  harryhd
    11:00 PM 16/07/2013

    1. North wagging his finger at Genia as he crosses the line 2. North picking up Folau and nearly knocking himself out 3. Power of the Lions scrummage in the third test

  •  crisis318
    10:50 PM 16/07/2013

    1. Watching Scott Quinell get well excited listening to Ian McGeechan's build up chat. 2. George Smith coming back onto the field after getting K.O'd. 3. The newspaper headlines in the 24 hour periods either side of the 3rd test.

  •  45678
    10:21 PM 16/07/2013

    1. Parling tap tackle 2. Jamie Roberts line for final try in last test 3. Norah's try in 1st test

  •  connorwooller
    3:56 PM 16/07/2013

    Hmm... my favorite moment of the tour would have to be George North's try in the first test with his cheeky little finger wave to Will Genia. Second would have to be the end of the first test with Kurtley Beale's last minute penalty miss to give the Lions their first test win. And finally I would have to go with the whole of final game with the Lions showing their true quality, I am a huge fan of Brian O'Driscoll (being half Irish) and I was of course gutted at the news he'd been dropped for the last game, but I need not have worried because in all honesty they lads played better without him.

  •  charleswrites
    11:48 AM 16/07/2013

    Oh man, where to start... 1. North deciding to go for a run with Folau hoisted over his shoulder. Insane idea, insane execution, and a proper moment for the ages. We'll be seeing that again a LOT. Bonus points to Folau for the sweet DDT counter. 2. Richard Hibbard falling out of the scrum in the 3rd test, either exhausted or knocked out after sending the Aussies 10 yards backwards. The absolute definition of putting your body on the line. I'm a Tom Youngs die-hard but Hibbard was a force of nature in the 3rd test. 3.

  •  rhino2709
    9:54 AM 16/07/2013

    1. George North's try in the first match, truly a great lions moment 2. Scrummaging in the third test, this was what truly won the game 3. Leigh Halfpenny 11 out of 11 kicking display, showed him to truly be one of the best full-backs in world rugby

  •  giardo86
    9:48 AM 16/07/2013

    My top three moments: 1. George North, when he carried Folau in the 2nd test. 2. Halfpenny and his amazing kicking throughout the whole tour 3. Phenomenal scrumming from The Lions in the third test.

  •  keski
    7:21 AM 16/07/2013

    1. George North's first test try. 2. O'Driscoll kicked out from the team. 3. Having a real final for the third test.

  •  brickfight
    6:15 AM 16/07/2013

    3. The knockouts. 2. James Horwill crying from joy after the second test. 1. George North in the tests. That man was phenomenal.

  •  tom_moon2003
    2:25 AM 16/07/2013

    1) North's try stepping Barnes and outpacing the quickest scrum half in the world in the first test 2) Ashley-Cooper's try showing the intensity raise and passion they had coming back in the second test 3) Sexton's try after brilliant phase play and interlinking between Davies and Halfpenny to put Sexton away for his crucial try to break the back of Australia

  •  aero
    11:33 PM 15/07/2013

    1. Genia's break and Assist for Folau's first try in the First test 2. North picking up Folau 3. O'Driscoll's face when he knew it was won Would have had Norths try in the first test in there, but the point ruined it. Good that he apologised though

  •  damianbaker
    10:14 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North try 2. Drico & POC getting to lift the trophy 3. The tense finishes to first 2 tests.

  •  stocker98
    10:04 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North try in the 1st test, which was the best try of the tour. 2. George North again, but this time when he carried Folau in the 2nd test. 3. Gatland masterstroke in bringing Roberts in for the 3rd test, he was awesome!

  •  evilrecor
    9:31 PM 15/07/2013

    Terribly sorry, for a second I forgot I thought it was 'my' top 3 moments. Do go on and yours are?????

  •  mikethebear
    9:15 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North's try in the 1st test. 2. Every scrum of the 3rd test. 3. Geoff Parling's killer ankle tap on Jesse Mogg in the 3rd test. SLAM!

  •  wijtravers
    9:10 PM 15/07/2013

    1) George North's try and gesture to Genia basically seeing - the Lions have ARRIVED. 2) Another George North moment, seeing his battle with Folau (who's try in 1st test was brilliant) - him picking it up in Folau's tackle in the 2nd test was a real moment of defiance and power. 3) Corbisiero's work rate in the 3rd test was fantastic, but I have to take my hat off to James Horwill for his speech following the Lion's victory in the 3rd test. His was magnanimous, gracious, and really summed up what rugby is all about. Whether he should have been banned or not, it was an example of true sportsmanship, and I believe set a standard for other sports to be inspired by.

  •  alexllll
    8:15 PM 15/07/2013

    1. Andy Farrell and Warren Gatland's Reactions to Sextons try in the third test. 2. George North wearing Israel Folau as a backpack. 3. Christian Wade adjusting his hair as the camera picks it up.

  •  pmudybgur
    8:15 PM 15/07/2013

    1) Seeing the rugby supporters of all nations coming together (mostly) 2) Battle between North and Folau which i believe North won by picking him up like a child. 3)The 10 minute period in the 3rd test where the lions backs showed what they could really do if they wanted to attack.

  •  sam00skelo
    7:39 PM 15/07/2013

    Hard to narrow it down to just 3 moments: 1) The entire tour, not very often there's a moment in sport that can unite 4 nations of supporters behind one team! 2) George North: his Israel Folau backpack and his try in the first test. 3) Halfpenny's try against the Waratahs, showed how much of a tight knit group they'd become, a perfect team try. 3.5) BOD finally getting a series win, doesn't matter that the man was on the bench he will forever be the Lion King!

  •  branflakes_1994
    6:23 PM 15/07/2013

    1) Lions domination of the scrum in Test 3 2) Halfpenny's phenomenal kicking 3) George North's try in Test 1 If we were allowed to pick another it would be the decision to have J.Davies instead of BOD in Test 3 :)

  •  nathan_neale
    6:11 PM 15/07/2013

    1.) George North's Israel Folau backpack 2.) Kurtley Beales slip 3.) Gatland dropping BOD

  •  matthaumann
    5:50 PM 15/07/2013

    1) Winning the first scrum in the 3rd test, set the trend for the whole game! 2) George North's try in the first test, but also equally matched by Folau's tries. 3) The selection of the 3rd test team, especially in the front row and back row (Sean O'Brien!).

  •  jamestaan
    5:41 PM 15/07/2013

    Top three moments would have to be: 1. George North picking Folau up and running a few metres 2. Geoff Parling's amazing tap tackle 3. Kurtley Beale not having the right footing and missing the last kick of the game in the first test to allow the lions to win

  •  jmmcfaul89
    5:34 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North's Sensational try in the first test - he beats one, he beats two, he beats three and four.... 2. Falau getting a piggy back off North - absolute beast! 3. Sexton's cheeky kick to set up a great break after serious pressure in the third test, really changed the game and lead to the first try of the second half!

  •  tomasvgg
    5:04 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North's Try in the first test 2. Halfpenny's Kicking 3. George North's hit on Falau in the thrid test.

  •  brawnybalboa
    4:54 PM 15/07/2013

    My Top 3 Moments: 1 - George North's Try in the first test 2 - 51st minute Scrum in the 3rd test at 16-19 that halted the aussie comeback 3 - Gatlands 3rd test team selection. For better or worse, dropping BOD as he believed it was best for the team took a lot of courage.

  •  bennewberry1
    4:45 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North's individual masterclass for the try in the first test. 2. Tommy Bowe's return from a broken hand in just a matter of weeks 3.Geoff Parling's tap tackle All epitomise the true class, spirit and determination of the Lions as an outfit

  •  elvis15
    4:39 PM 15/07/2013

    For better, or worse, or fun: #1 North and Falau trading tries #2 North carrying Falau after his tackle attempt #3 Beale's slip (and their overall kicking that game)

  •  rugby4life
    4:34 PM 15/07/2013

    1) George norths counter attack too score an amazing try in the first test. 2) George norths fireman carry on Folau. Tank. 3) Geoff Parling's amazing tap tackle to save what should have been a guaranteed Aussie try.

  •  hughhowes
    4:33 PM 15/07/2013

    1. Geoff Parlings tap tackle on jesse mogg! 2. Norths try in the first test 3. Genia knocking the ball on at the kick off in the 3rd test

  •  ferrari333sp
    4:32 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North picking up Israel Folau like a fallen tree - immense effort 2. Halfpenny and his amazing kicking throughout the whole tour 3. The Lions scrumming in the third test - simply incredible. The boiler room was immense!

  •  nclark95
    4:13 PM 15/07/2013

    3 - Rob Howley's reactions when Sexton scored in the 3rd test 2 - George North's wonder try in the 1st test 1 - Leigh Halfpenny's two world class assists and general outstanding positioning throughout the 3rd Test

  •  thebar
    4:02 PM 15/07/2013

    1) George Norths first try of the test series. 2) Israel folaus second try in the first test. 3) The performance of Alex Corbisiero in the third test.

  •  nptonwelsh
    3:55 PM 15/07/2013

    G Norths try in first test. Parlings tip tackle on Mogg 3rd test Halfpenny breathing =)

  •  p77sdm
    3:50 PM 15/07/2013

    Top 3 moments for me 1. North's try - 1st test 2. Folau's debut - 1st test 3. Sexton try - 3rd test

  •  hdf
    3:44 PM 15/07/2013

    1. Corbisiero's try and domination of the Aussies. 2. North picking up Folau 3. The fantastic sea of red!

  •  rugbynut101
    3:14 PM 15/07/2013

    My top three moments 1. Leigh Halfpennys first try assist in the 3rd Test 2. Geoff Parling's tap tackle on Jesse Mogg 3. George North's 1st Test Try

  •  fatcat2302
    2:55 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North carrying Folau 2. Leigh Halfpenny's kicking throughout the tour 3. Alex Corbesiero walking in and dominating the wallabies for physical prowess in the third test.

  •  cymbrogi
    2:18 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North's try in the first test...that set the Roman candle alight.. 2. Alex Cuthbert's try in the first test..anything Folau can do Cuthbert can do better... straight through 4 Aussie defenders.. 3. The fantastic Lions fans who made the series seem like a home series they were so vocal!! Both sets of fans made great ambassadors for the sport..what a series! Great family entertainment! The medical teams earn a mention too, to get those injured players match fit again in so little time was incredible... outstanding drills! And also, to see the players who were sitting out the tests emphatically getting behind the team on the pitch and showing true support and encouragement without sour grapes was fantastic to see and showed professionalism at its best.

  •  poj
    2:08 PM 15/07/2013

    1 o driscol 1st try 2 o driscol being droped 3 adam jones scrummmaging

  •  campbell17
    1:44 PM 15/07/2013

    1. The Israel Folau Backpack... 2. Halfpenny's second try vs Waratahs 3. The interview from the Combined Country 15 captain: "as if it wasn't hard enough out there when a Lions player got substituted another international player came on"

  •  jordanp
    1:39 PM 15/07/2013

    1) George North's overall performance over the duration of the tour, his try in the first test and unbelievable carry of defender Folau in the second test. Also his dump on Folau in the third test, watching him play over the whole tour and having the feeling that his personal performance would go down in history. 2) Lions fans singing each individual nation's song in unison in the tests. Showed a kind of unity within Britain and Ireland which is rarely seen in any other sport. It gave fans at home and down under a feeling of national pride. 3) The forwards dominance over the Aussies in the Final test especially and the the way in which the team seemed to just click in the final test. Special mention must go to the staff behind the squad including coaching, physios and organisers who made the tour happen. Also to Warren Gatland who stuck to his guns despite media scrutiny and did what he thought was best and put the best team out. A tour to be long remembered and go down in the history books as a truly incredible moment in Lions Rugby. Dominance down under and bring on the kiwi's!

  •  sphughes
    1:18 PM 15/07/2013

    1) Seeing Beale make his return to ruby and the aussie squad. He is such an exciting player to watch and for those who say he doesnt care enough, those tears as he slipped and missed the last kick of the ball in the first test say it all for me. 2) The Welsh dream team of Adam Jones- destroying the aussie scrums George North- carried man and ball SOOOO well. Lee Halfpenny- what even needs to be said 3) The medical team. Kearney and Warburton really shouldnt have even stayed on the tour if it wasnt for the amazing medical staff getting them back to full fitness in just a matter of weeks. and Tommy Bowe. surgery on a brocken hand and hes able to play two of the most crucial matches in his career just 3 weeks later. Medical team play just as big a role as the coaching staff

  •  rossmorgan
    1:15 PM 15/07/2013

    WHAT A GREAT SERIES WIN !!!! skipped three Saturdays off work to watch the series! 1) giant George's first test try was unbelievable, beating four defenders made me shout so much i lost my voice !! 2) Leigh halfpenny slotting 11/11 kicks showed pure class and composure which arguably won us the tour!! 3) Sam Warburton and Alun-Wyn Jones picking up the series trophy as leaders after a 2-1 victory over the wallabies made my hairs stand up on end !!!! was an unforgettable series !!!!!! #lions2013 #winners #redwhitebuleandgreen

  •  dicklinkogel
    1:07 PM 15/07/2013

    Northsf first try Falau first try The Lions pack destroying the Wallabies in the final test

  •  rockfist
    1:04 PM 15/07/2013

    Hard to narrow it down to a top three but i'd have to go with 1) Corbiesero Destroying their Scrum in the Third Tests. I never rated him as a decent scrummager before this. 1.5) Hibbard in the final Test. IMMENSE! 2) North using Folau as a backpack 3) Parlings Foot Grab! Again never rated him before but he was awesome in the third test.

  •  alexanderskitt
    12:57 PM 15/07/2013

    1. North carrying Folau on his back while storming it down the left wing. 2. Lee Halfpenny's man of the match performance in the third test, did everything asked of him and more. 3. The moment Jamie Roberts scored his try knowing the 16 year wait for a test series victory was over.

  •  upthelowend
    12:41 PM 15/07/2013

    1. Corbisiero dominating the scrums in the third test. 2. Parling's tap tackle on Mogg 3. North carrying Folau

  •  finnbrit
    12:34 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North's try 2. George North's drive with the Aussie on his shoulder 3. That moment when you knew that the third test was beyond doubt

  •  nes721
    12:20 PM 15/07/2013

    1. Halfpenny's 11 out of 11 kicking display 2. North picking up the Aussie player and running with him when he was about to be tackled 3. Philips winking/blowing kisses toone of the other players in the tests leading up to the lions vs Australia tests or the sexton try where he dummied and we t straight to the try line. Phenomenal.

  •  bas-t-mac123
    12:15 PM 15/07/2013

    SO MANY moment to choose from!!! Therefore my 'memories' will be vague :p 1. The North vs Falou battle - North embarrassing by picking up the tackler, but then Falou's DDT reversal - Both trading some incredible tries 2. George Smith's incredible return (although he sadly was unable to play long) - He is a testament to this fantastic sport, he is a work horse! - The only other player to play both Lions tours (2001 and 2013) is BOD and how is he considered? - And even though he is an ancient, battled hardened veteran, but even so he is still one the best flankers going 12 years on 3. Battles all over the park! - Kicking battle in all three tests - Halfpenny could not have been more solid! And Beale cracked - Scrum battles - Lions domination in the 3rd test - Fantastic back 3 battles - Mogg's break, Halfpenny's breakS, Cuthbert's try and ,again, Falou and North AMAZING tour!!!

  •  gogosprey
    12:08 PM 15/07/2013

    1. George North carrying Israel Folau 2. Leigh Halfpenny's kicking throughout the tour 3. Warren Gatland's team selection, not being afraid to make the big decisions

  •  mastersa
    12:06 PM 15/07/2013

    Three highlights 1. North V Falou for three tests. (both awesome) 2. Leigh Halfpenny's Kicking but even general play. (untouchable) 3. 4th choice late call-up Corbs for winning the series in third test. (Credit due also in test 1 even when injured) Three AntiLights: 1. Healy and Jenkins getting injured (We are fecked up front) 2. Mountain man Paul O'Connell getting injured (We are even more fecked up front) 3. Horwill loosing balance but not his place on the field. (Ah crap, we are truly fecked up front against a team who havent had a scrum for 20 years) Thanks christ for highlight number 3!

  •  danknapp
    12:05 PM 15/07/2013

    1. Parling's tap tackle on Mogg in the 3rd test. For me that summed up the resilience in defence that won us the final test, and with it the series. 2. Big George's try in the first test. 3. Israel Folau's try in the first test.

  •  alexdowsett
    12:04 PM 15/07/2013

    1)Barbarians game in Hong Kong promoting rugby in Asia. 2)Adam Ashley-Coopers try, without it the third test stunner wouldn't have been the same. 3) James Horwill's speech, highlighting the beauty of the lions and the good it does for worldwide rugby.

  •  bdd99
    12:02 PM 15/07/2013

    1.Folau solo try sidestepping sexton 2. North picking up Folau 3. Genia solo run with a perfectly timed grubber kick for Folau

  •  sburr1
    11:56 AM 15/07/2013

    1. Folau vs North in the first test 2. Genia being Genia in the first test 3. The last minute call up of Christian Wade, Brad Barritt and Billy Twelvetrees, potentially all in the original squad for the next tour?

  •  robwilson
    11:52 AM 15/07/2013

    1. Genia's tap and go resulting in Folaus's try, great work from one player who has made his mark as one of the best ever, and one who looks sure to do so in the future. 2. The overall battle between North and Folau, two real stars of the modern game 3. the scenes when the final whistle went in the 3rd test, seeing 40 international rugby players losing their minds with ecstasy was really something.

  •  kiwilad
    11:42 AM 15/07/2013

    My 3 favs are, 1; BOD getting dropped and it NOT backfiring on WG. 2; George North with the ball picking up Falou and running with him 3: The end result, about time the Lions roared if you ask me, cos in the next series vs the All Blacks it wont be the same result, and the Lions are good for rugby in general.

  •  mrchrisclarkson
    11:41 AM 15/07/2013

    3) James Horwill's speech. Real class, true rugby. 2) Any of the scrums in the 3rd Test. Beautiful. 1) North picking up Folau and taking him for walkies.

  •  tomgingegreen
    11:39 AM 15/07/2013

    Top three. 1) Leigh 'The Perfectionist' Halfpenny's absurd kicking stats... 11/11 in one game? That's some video game level statistics. 2) George North presents 'The Human Backpack- Starring Izzy Folau' 3) THAT Smile on BOD's face when he got his first Lions series win. Honorable mention to Christian Wade's afro comb and Alex Corbisiero's calf of steel.

  •  wehrleboy
    11:36 AM 15/07/2013

    1. George North's immense strength against Folau 2. Folau's try after Genia's quick thinking to tap the tap penalty in his own 22 3. Parling's tackle on Mogg in the 3rd test, a second row getting back to cover like that shows just how much effort is placed in

  •  rupertdt
    11:34 AM 15/07/2013

    Top three 1) BOD winning his first lions series 2)North vs folau first test 3) halfpenny's kicking display which won it for the Lions

  •  drg
    11:34 AM 15/07/2013

    1. The missed kicks in the first an second test; if Beale got his the Wallabies would have won (had the Lions still lost test 2 etc), if Halfpenny got his it would have been a Lions "whitewash". <- amazing how that could change the series so dramatically... 2. Folaus debut match; everything about it was incredible, first match, great try, great work rate etc. 3. The difference Corbisiero and SOB made to the 3rd test, power and dominance in the scrums and immense tackle counts from SOB!

  •  willaltmann
    11:32 AM 15/07/2013

    1. Leigh Halfpenny's 11 out of 11 kicks in one match. 2. George North bestiality w/ ball pick up on Israel Folau. 3. Christian Wade's hair styling mid match in the 3rd test.

  •  jakes192
    11:31 AM 15/07/2013

    1. George north Picking up Falau (obviously) 2. Leigh Halfpenny. Enough said 3. Jamie Roberts try to seal victory for the lions And yes i am welsh

  •  dfect
    11:28 AM 15/07/2013

    1. George North's try in the 1st test 2. Genia (enough said) 3. Christian Wade and his afro comb in the 3rd test

  •  huwgoboss
    11:27 AM 15/07/2013

    Top three moments: 1) Warren Gatland proving everyone wrong and dropping Brian O'Driscoll. 2) George North's try in the first test. 3) George North lifting Israel Folau in the second test.

  •  catchandpass
    11:26 AM 15/07/2013

    1). George North picking up Folau - determination to go forward 2). James Horwill's tears after the second test - an honest reaction to how much that victory meant to him 3). Parling tackle on Mogg - whether a great ability to read the game or having a rest and getting lucky... you decide

  •  thbts
    11:26 AM 15/07/2013

    1/ George North epic try 2/ Leigh Halpenny winning penalty kick miss in the second test 3/ North Carrying Folau

  •  flyhalf10
    11:25 AM 15/07/2013

    top 10 moments. 1) George North picking up Israel Folau! 2) leigh halfpenny's superb kicking performance! 3) kurtley beales slip!

  •  irishrugby
    11:20 AM 15/07/2013

    1) Beale slipping in the first test and missing the final kick. 2) Genia setting up Folaus try in the first test. 3) North dump trucking Folau

  •  bootsy
    10:50 AM 15/07/2013

    1. Folau's debut performance; 2. Corbisiero dominating Alexander in the Third Test causing him to be withdrawn after his yellow card; 3. George North apologising after behaving like a footballer wagging his finger at Genia when scoring in the First Test. He should never have done it but at least he had the humility to realise (with some guidance from Andy Irvine) how petulant acts like that are contrary to what rugby stands for, not least being gracious in victory as well as defeat (+1 for Ruggernut's comment re Horwill's speech).

  •  fettsack
    9:43 AM 15/07/2013

    1. Parling's tackle on Mogg in the third test. 2. North Carrying Folau. 3. Robb Stark never missing a single kick.

  •  connachtfan
    9:41 AM 15/07/2013

    1.) the scrums in the 3rd test, pure power and skil personified 2.) Aussies 'never surrender' attitude throughout the series 3.) Halfpenny: pure class.

  •  seanrugby
    9:27 AM 15/07/2013

    1) North's try in the first test. 2) North carrying Folau over the gain line. 3) For no reason other than it being funny, Christian Wade being caught on the big screen brushing his hair during the third test.

  •  huw
    8:45 AM 15/07/2013

    1) The commentators reminding themselves that Halfpenny was human 2) North picking up Folau and driving on 3) The reaction from the entire Lions team when the final whistle was blown.

  •  patmogran
    8:26 AM 15/07/2013

    1. George North back pack 2.Halfpenny's relentlessly accurate boot 3. 3rd Test Scrum dominance Come on the LIONS

  •  corky
    7:52 AM 15/07/2013

    1) Israel Folau backpack. Never seen anything like that before. 2) George North's try in the first test. I got the feeling something big was about to happen as I saw the ball sailing towards him in wide open field. Was not disappointed. 3) George Smith getting knocked out, then coming back on five minutes later. I'm glad he was ok, and I put this moment not because it was dramatic or in any way good, but because I hope it results in meaningful discourse about head injuries in the sport.

  •  avonvalejoe
    7:46 AM 15/07/2013

    No.1- Folau's Try set up by the master Genia No.2- O'Driscoll's method of being droped by the team. (going up to Jamie and helping him on moves and skills after training). No.3- All of the fans in the 4 nations coming together and suporting the mighty LIONS.

  •  wi1ls
    7:35 AM 15/07/2013

    No.3 - Kurtley Beale's slip (1st Test).... Series could have looked a whole lot different if he kept his footing! No. 2 - North taking Folau for a run over his shoulder! (2nd Test) whilst this probably wasn't the best thing to do...... Wow, what a moment! No. 1 - For me, the best moment of the tour was George North's try in the 1st test. The vision, speed and finishing was world class and will be a memory that will stay with me!

  •  bassmaster9751
    7:18 AM 15/07/2013

    1. Israel Folau and Will Genia in the first test. 2. Leigh Halfpenny breaking and offloading to Johnny Sexton for the try. 4. The inevitability of Leigh Halfpenny converting his kicks.

  •  lockonthewing
    6:25 AM 15/07/2013

    1. George North's first try against Australia 2. Leigh Halfpenny being named player of the tour 3. Will Genia setting up the Israel Folau try

  •  aespo35
    6:19 AM 15/07/2013

    1.Leagh Halfpenny's kicking 2.O'Driscoll's class after being dropped 3. George North's fireman carry of Israel Folau

  •  stripe
    5:33 AM 15/07/2013

    1. Israel Folau's 2nd test 1 score. 2. Beale's slip. 3. Gatland dropping O'Driscoll.

  •  pob1586
    4:09 AM 15/07/2013

    1.justin tipuric making his lions test debut after I played with him at trebanos since I was 8. 2.waking up at 5.30am to watch the games in the usa. Missing only the brumbies game due to work 3.vunipolas ability to recover his composure at scrum time in the 2nd test after several early penalties which kept it close throughout

  •  connormanion
    4:03 AM 15/07/2013

    1. George norths fireman's carrying folau into a tackle. shows what a true welshman can do. 2. Every time halfpenny stepped up to kick. It was freaking magical, he deserved man of the tour by every mean. 3. Brits striking farrell. That in its self was worth every second of watching. Glad to see someone isn't afraid to put farrell in his place. All in all, it was a great tour.First one i've watched in its entirety (as i live in canada). The tour left nothing short of its expectations. Can't wait for 2017 to come around, hpefully get down to see a game or two!

  •  connormanion
    4:03 AM 15/07/2013

    1. George norths fireman's carrying folau into a tackle. shows what a true welshman can do. 2. Every time halfpenny stepped up to kick. It was freaking magical, he deserved man of the tour by every mean. 3. Brits striking farrell. That in its self was worth every second of watching. Glad to see someone isn't afraid to put farrell in his place. All in all, it was a great tour.First one i've watched in its entirety (as i live in canada). The tour left nothing short of its expectations. Can't wait for 2017 to come around, hpefully get down to see a game or two!

  •  getarep
    3:16 AM 15/07/2013

    1. J Davies tackle on Christian Lealiifano. Proved crucial 2. George North carrying Falua like Forest Gump 3. Watching the Australian pack crumble in the third test As a bonus answer Lions doctor James Robson on hand at any injury Gold or Red

  •  dbijoux
    2:42 AM 15/07/2013

    1. Israel Folous 2nd try in the first test (what a try that was) 2. North carrying Folou in the 2nd test 3. Welsh scrums throughout, loved it

  •  luckycanuk
    1:49 AM 15/07/2013

    1. George North solo try in first text 2. George North carrying Folau backpack in 2nd test 3. Corbisero gaining advantage at first scrum in 3rd test

  •  scotth33
    1:47 AM 15/07/2013

    1. North Man handling Folau 2. The sin binning in the third test as a result of Lion dominance 3. Sexton's try in the third test which was the dagger in the Aussie's heart

  •  fieldr
    1:29 AM 15/07/2013

    1. North and Folau exchanging amazing trys in the first test. 2. Luke Morahan's try for the Reds against the Lions. 3. Jamie Roberts try in the final test rubbing salt in the wound for the Aussies, and proving that Gatland made the right decision.

  •  darabman
    12:27 AM 15/07/2013

    4. AJ, Corbs and Youngs domination in the scrum 3rd test

  •  dex
    12:26 AM 15/07/2013

    I'll go with my 3 favourite parts of the the games but my favourite moment was when everyone in the pub where I was watching the game started chanting Wales until we suddenly realised and started chanting for the Lions. 1. Geoff Parling's excellent ankle 'tap' on Jesse Mog, saving what looked to be an excellent try started by a dangerous kurtley beale. 2. North lifting Israel Folau while he was attempting to tackle him. Not only for the sheer display of strength but the mental edge it gave the team. 3. Halfpenny's game changing break leading to sexton putting the ball over the line in the final test. Excellent play and completely changed the game. Overall an amazing tour. This could have easily been a top 10 list rather than a top 3. Dex

  •  darabman
    12:26 AM 15/07/2013

    1. George North's try, unforgettable. 2. AAC snatching it in the second test after a brave decision from Horwill 3. The relief of the Halfpenny/Sexton try after the potential Oz comeback for the decider LIONS

  •  matt_bass
    12:23 AM 15/07/2013

    1. Folau's debut in the first test 2. George North smashing Folau in the second test (tackling and carrying him, BOOM) 3. When BOD was dropped created more expectation for the match

  •  hk13
    12:07 AM 15/07/2013

    1. Genia's set up for Folau's try and play in first test 2. Halfpenny's constant kicking performance throughout the tour 3. Scrum time in third test

  •  valentinesg
    11:49 PM 14/07/2013

    1. North counter attack try. First test 2. Genia set-up for Folau. First test 3. AAC try. Second test

  •  barryt
    11:43 PM 14/07/2013

    1. Beale's last gasp effort to win the first test 2. Will Genia's assist for Folou's try 3. Halfpenny cutting the defense for Sextons try (3rd test)

  •  kboyz
    11:18 PM 14/07/2013

    1) Beale slipping in the first test and missing the final kick that could have won the first test 2) Genia setting up Folaus try in the first test - Masterclass by Genia 3) North dump trucking Folau

  •  lionslover
    11:14 PM 14/07/2013

    What a fantastic series! A glorious Lions win in the end but boy did the Wallabies make us work for it! And I think the game of rugby as a whole benefited hugely as a result. My top three moments (and I think moments should mean just that!)... 1. George North's turbo-charged, sweeping red arc to the tryline in the 1st Test. A try that will stay in the mind forever. And I LOVED the cheeky 'Northpoint' at Genia (although it was good and proper that he apologised for it afterwards). 2. James Horwill's explosion of joy at winning the 2nd Test. Although he clearly should have been banned, it meant so much to them to take it to a decider, and he was a rock for the Wallabies. 3. The smile on Warren Gatland's face after Jamie Roberts put the 3rd Test and series win beyond doubt. What a load of crap had been written about the selection - big personalities heaping scorn and ridiculing him - well take that, critics! An outstanding recovery from losing so much of the lead, and Gats deserves every accolade for leading this Pride to glory.

  •  totesmcgoates
    10:50 PM 14/07/2013

    Top three: 1. Halfpenny's great try against the 'Tahs. 2. Genia's class display in the First Test, particularly the creation of Folau's first try. He's simply the best! 3. BOD finally gets a series win after the fourth time asking. I think the controversy of dropping him will be forgotten about and he certainly played his part in the first two tests.

  •  drg
    10:48 PM 14/07/2013

    3. And finally gatlands controversial dropping of BOD. That took balls and it paid off. Kinda sums up the lions in my eye. big balls calls for the win Except test 3 was won by the forwards so I don't think the call "paid off" as directly as some would think...

  •  biggins2529
    10:24 PM 14/07/2013

    My top three moments: 1. Folau's debut double in the first test match. 2. Dramatic missed kicks by Beale and Halfpenny (two different kicks but one dramatic moment) 3. Phenomenal scrumming from The Lions in the third test.

  •  evilrecor
    10:16 PM 14/07/2013

    Where to start the whole series was EPIC. 1. Australia drawing the second test to make the third test an epic nail biter. 2. It has to be the North's tackle evasion tactics!!! 3. And finally gatlands controversial dropping of BOD. That took balls and it paid off. Kinda sums up the lions in my eye. big balls calls for the win

  •  ruggernut
    10:15 PM 14/07/2013

    Top three moments would have to be: 1) Halfpenny's 11 out of 11 kicking display in the one match. 2) Big George's try in the first test. 3) James Horwill's incredibly gracious speech after the third test when the series was lost.


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