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Sunday Feb 4, 2018

New Zealand teenage sensation makes terrible decision, but then does this

New Zealand teenage sensation makes terrible decision, but then does this

Etene Nanai-Seturo showed why he is currently the talk of New Zealand with a monstrous fend at the inaugural Hamilton Sevens. The 18-year-old nearly made a meal of the opportunity though.

During New Zealand’s big 52-7 pool win over France Nanai-Seturo, cousin of Tim Nanai-Williams, broke away and produced this big handoff on would-be covering tackler Paulin Riva.

Nanai-Seturo is currently at the centre of a dispute between the New Zealand Warriors rugby league team and New Zealand Rugby.

The teen sensation sauntered clear but looked like he butchered a clear two-on-one, before shrugging off the would-be French defence.

New Zealand ended up finishing fourth after a 14-12 semi final loss to eventual winners Fiji.

Was Nanai-Seturo not passing a display of arrogance and inexperience, or supreme confidence?


  • dancarter
    2:21 PM 05/02/2018

    If he sticks to union Hansen and Read will soon knock that out of him. If someone is better positioned, give them the ball. Great fend though.

  • ruckinmaul
    4:54 AM 05/02/2018

    I agree with DRG. As a fullback or winger, I always being taught by the coaches to go for the ball on this type of condition, 2 on 1 or any extra man situation, Stop the offload and by any mean chance try to strip or knock the ball of the carrier hand. Pretty hard to do especially if you are the weaker of the two.

  • drg
    1:07 AM 05/02/2018

    I respectfully disagree with the overall judgement in this scenario. Don't get me wrong the technique wasn't good, however I'm not convinced the French player had much to go on, he was somewhat committed to being piggy in the middle and committed to making at least one tackle... He could have gone low with a strong hard hit and it MAY have disrupted a pass, perhaps even prevented one, however he may also have gone in low only for the ball to sail over his head and it be an easy score. However by going in high he reduced the chances of an offload, but unfortunately couldn't finish off what he started... Had he wrapped up the kiwi creating enough time for team mates to regroup then we'd be watching this video in the blooper section... I say correct decision, with height, just a piss poor example in execution..

  • heavyhooker
    11:02 PM 04/02/2018

    I see tackle technique is as crappy at this level as the professionals. Going in upright with zero style. Nanai-Seturo wasn't even running fast, a nice slightly lower with wrap, but forceful hit would have frozen the arms for a pass and this would have turned out way differently. French coach should be teaching better tackling.


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