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Monday Mar 23, 2015

Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins makes a popular return to Super Rugby

Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins makes a popular return to Super Rugby

Rugby fans across the world will be all to familiar with Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins, mostly due to his outstanding interviews coining such phrases as ‘sweating like a gypsy with a mortgage’ and ‘going off like a bag of cats’. He left for a while, but now he’s back.

Cummins was granted a release from the Japanese side Coca Cola Red Sparks to re-join his beloved Western Force side for the 2015 Asteron Life Super 15 season. Cummins had made the deal to sign for the Japanese side after his father – who was named Queensland’s Father of the Year in 2012 for raising eight children, two with cystic fibrosis – was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Even better news for rugby fans is that Cummins is also eligible to play for the Wallabies in 2015 and if selected he could feature in their 2015 Rugby World Cup campaign in England.

His return to the Force is no mystery, as he wants a chance of breaking into the Australia team for this year’s World Cup, claiming that it is ‘a big one to tick off’ and to have a few more caps to add to his previous 15. His scoring of a try – or ‘bagging a meat pie’ as he puts it – against Australia for the Barbarians in their 40-36 loss clearly whetted his appetite for more top level rugby

Cummins will return to Red Sparks at the end of the Super 15 season to prepare for their 2015/16 Top League season and made it known that he is extremely thankful to ‘the Western Force and more importantly the Coca Cola Red Sparks in Japan for making my return back to Australia possible’.

His return to the Force has been welcomed by his former teammates and as Cummins himself puts it, “I don’t know if they are laughing with me or at me, but either way is a win”.

The Honey Badger admits that he found it hard to settle down in his new oriental surroundings in Japan, but after meeting his teammates and engrossing himself in the culture, he started to enjoy life in his new home. Especially the all you can eat Yakiniku Korean BBQ restaurants.

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credit: foxsports australia/rugby hq


  • drg
    4:55 AM 24/03/2015

    I honestly can't imagine Cummins in Japan... If you want to look negatively on things, you could say his comment about 'Gypsies and mortgages' were 'un PC' (although damn funny!!) - but I can't imagine him NOT making some comment about Japanese people.. Whether it be in relation to WW2, their food, their size, *cringe typing this* their eyes, Godzilla, or something that might technically come across as a bit outrageous.. Someone gets hit in the face by a ball passed by Cummins... *here comes a comment about eyes* Best if luck to the bloke, hope he makes the RWC!

  • 11:44 PM 23/03/2015

    To me what he really seems to add is finishing. Even though it was a short clip, that last second step in to meet the cover tackle and still manage to stay in bounds to score, despite the attention of three players, displays his class. He should be in the squad, will have a tough time knocking off the two brumbie wings though

  • pbc1620
    3:25 PM 23/03/2015

    Love Nick Cummins over here in America. Really hoping he makes the Wallabies WC squad as it will be a joy to cheer him on, and be an additional talking point for newcomers to the sport. He is great for rugby.


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