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Saturday Sep 14, 2013

Nick Mallett slams referee Romain Poite after All Blacks vs Springboks Test

Nick Mallett slams referee Romain Poite after All Blacks vs Springboks Test

Former Italy and Springbok coach Nick Mallett shares his thoughts on Romain Poite’s decision to yellow card Bismarck Du Plessis for the tackle on Dan Carter. Mallett argues that Poite had technology, as well as his touch judges, at his disposal so should have made use of them.

“This was an absolute disgrace. A match of this quality deserved to have fifteen players on the field for the whole game,” said Mallett in the Supersport studio chat post match.

“The referee had every opportunity to look at that [the tackle]. He ruined the game as a spectacle because of that first yellow card that wasn’t. It’s a disgrace, and it needs to be said,” he added.


  •  zanebuckley
    4:46 PM 25/09/2013

    Hospital pass to Dan Carter... The fend off to the throat was accidental at best and the ABs made a meal of both 'incidents'. That kind of play puts me off watching the Italians play football.

  •  fuffuzealah
    1:03 PM 17/09/2013

    If a person with those intentions comes along, I don't think a yellow, red or even rainbow colored card will stop him. You need to realize that the message is also important here, if we scrap the on field red cards, it will send a message of trust and love for the GAME of rugby to the masses. Reminds me of when De Klerk made that decision to release Mandela. Don't be scared people, fear leads to the dark side (and I don't mean the All Blacks).

  •  roger_rave
    12:56 PM 16/09/2013

    @Gabriel - not sure what was meant by Kobus re : dishing out punishment after a game, but if it is what I think, i.e. keeping all players on for the 80 mins, I can see a situation where players may commit intentional / professional fouls for a particularly big game in the knowledge that the next game may not be so crucial ? Or certainly during End of Season games / Finals ?

  •  ruggernut
    4:19 PM 15/09/2013

    I agree with Nick Mallet. That is all.


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Nick Mallett slams referee Romain Poite after All Blacks vs Springboks Test | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos